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Project status Offline
Archiving status Partially saved
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
Project lead Unknown

Yet another pastebin, from the website's about page: is a service by Jacob Bijani

It was closed some time after the official deadline (February 1st, 2016)[1]


Items are in the format:

  • Google achip scrape
  • Bing achip scrape
  • DuckDuckGo - No Results
  • TODO: Scrape Yandex
  • TODO: Scrape Baidu
  • TODO: Scrape Twitter
  • Reddit achip scrape
  • TODO: Scrape links from MediaWiki wikis
  • Open Directory Project - No Results
  • Scrape the Common Crawl Index: index server results
  • Wayback Machine achip scrape
  • URLTeam dumps scrape1
  • TODO: Scrape a list of subdomains from (if applicable)
  • TODO: Scrape a list of subdomains from (if applicable)
  • Suggestion: Scrape google (and other search engines) for possible passwords

Project Status

Partially saved, 223 MB compressed WARC on There's no information on how complete this grab is.