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Data[how to use] See Archives was one of the most popular instant image sharing services in Hungary during its operational period 2004–2016. Users uploaded up to 4,000 images daily. Older images were regularly deleted after some years, in order to free up space.

Announced on 2016-11-09, the site went read only on 2016-11-15, and the service was interrupted on 2016-12-27.


The service was operated by ETSz Kft. (Egyesült Társkereső Szolgáltatások Kft., reg. nr. 01-09-710373), who have a webhosting service, and run several dating websites.


On November 9, 2016, they posted the following on Facebook:

Original Hungarian English translation
Fontos üzenet az üzemeltetőktől

A Képfeltölté 2016. december végén megszűnik. Új fotókat november 15-ig lehet feltölteni, az eddig feltöltött fotók december 15-ig elérhetőek, utána az alábbi címen: (de itt csak kb. két hétig)

Köszönjük az eddigieket:
Tamás és Balázs

Important notice from the operators

Képfeltölté ceases operations in the end of December 2016. New photos can be uploaded until November 15, photos uploaded until that are available until December 15, after that on the following address: (but here only for about two weeks)

Thank you so far,
Tamás and Balázs

The notice also appeared on pages, but with tiny letters, and omitting the "but here only for about two weeks" part.

From a reply to a user comment, it turned out that they were willing to sell the domain.

On November 15, 2016, they removed the upload panel from the main page, preventing people from uploading any new images. The very last uploaded picture was this, added 2016-11-15 10:16:48 CET.

On December 19, 2016, the main page was replaced with a notice that the site had ceased operations, along with a link to the old main page put under an "archiv." subdomain, noting that "you can still find for a few days what you're looking for". The archive could be browsed as usual, and old (but not yet deleted) images were also available if the URL was prefixed with "archiv.".

However, the original links were redirected to a special version of the "not found" 404 image, noting that the site had ceased operations.

Starting from 2016-12-27, the server either times out, or shows the earlier notice, without the link to the archived version of the website (that, the, now redirects to At the same time, they imposed a totally restrictive policy in their robots.txt file.

Site structure

Users could select files (up to 20) from their computers and upload them very easily. Then they got the URLs of their pictures, which they could insert to forums, chats or anywhere. Uploaders could decide whether their pictures should be public, that is, appear on the list of pictures recently uploaded by users (

Image page URLs were all unique, they were like the following:, where YYMMDD is the date in this format, FILENAME is the name of the original file, EXT is the file extension (jpg/jpeg, png and gif files were accepted). The actual image URLs were like, but those were, of course, linked from the image pages. What was not linked on the image page (but was referred to in the code handed out) is the thumbnail version:

The way the URL was generated prevented others to find the images not made public. Thus, in the following, we talk about public pictures only.

The site listed the last 6000 uploaded public pictures on There was no index for older pictures, and, as seen above, they couldn't be efficiently discovered with brute force.


Although some percent of the image corpus was NSFW content, most of the files were screenshots and photos of objects and people.

Data growth

The number of public pictures grew usually by 3–4 thousand a day; more were uploaded on weekends than on weekdays.

A sampling of ~48,000 pictures from November 2014 gave an average image size (including image page and thumbnail) of 536 KB.

Data deletion

There is no certain information about the image deletion policy applied by the maintainers. Some people said that pictures might be deleted after some months, however, some testing showed that several years old pictures were still up. It seems to be most probable that they mass-removed older pictures only (that is, several years old ones), probably to free up space. Staff also expressed their willingness to remove certain pictures on request (either from the uploader or offended people), although this didn't go smoothly (they didn't respond or only with long delays).[1]

As of December 2014, all images uploaded before July 2010 seemed to be gone.

As of 2016-01-01, images uploaded before August 2013 seemed to have been deleted.

In January 2016, people who wanted to upload images faced the following message for a few days: "Error: No more space on our disks. We ask for your patience until our staff sees about it." Staff indeed saw about it: they deleted all remaining images from 2013.


Since 2014-11-12, user:bzc6p had been exporting a daily index of uploaded pictures. (The last day's image URLs could be parsed from the list of last uploaded images, see above.)

The indexed images were downloaded, and also a few older ones, see below.

Older pictures

One can't find pictures with the Google search term. One must search for kepfeltoltes links inserted into websites, and copy-paste the links from there, or, write a script that parses them out automatically.

Problem is that Google doesn't show all the results. Not at all. It seems that it leaves out some big websites that have a ton of these links. However, if search is done only for those sites (with site:), they are found.

This was done for several major Hungarian sites.


Most of the archived images are available in the Wayback Machine. However, some of them are available only in the RSZI web archive.

The following tables contain links to the bulk archive files (for advanced users and data hoarders).

Status table
Upload date Status Archives Ιmages saved[2]
before 2010-07-01 Lost
2010-07-01 – 2014-11-11 Lost (except for a few pictures) [1]
2014-11-12 – 2014-11-30 Saved by user:bzc6p [2]
2014-12-01 – 2016-11-15 Saved by user:bzc6p and ArchiveBot see below
Total: 2,231,173
Monthly archives
2014 12
2015 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12.1 12.2
2016 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09.1 09.2 10 11


  2. Source of the data is the index made way before downloading. Actual number of saved images may be less, actual number of existing images may have been more.

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