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Yuku.com logo
Yuku com.jpg
URL http://yuku.com
Project status Online!
Archiving status Not saved yet
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
Project lead Unknown

Yuku is an Internet forum site that allows users to generate forums that are a subdomain of yuku.com. Originally brought to ArchiveTeam's attention with The Classic Horror Film Board.



Forums are separated by subdomains (example.yuku.com) and subforums are sequential and accessible via example.yuku.com/forums/<forum number>, topics are also sequential and can be accessed via example.yuku.com/topic/<topic number>. Pages within topics are indicated like: example.yuku.com/topic/56108/?page=2, topics can also be accessed via rss through example.yuku.com/feed/get/type/rss/source/lead/id/<topic number>


Users can choose their own name, profiles are viewed via <username>.u.yuku.com or <username>.<forum name>.yuku.com. The two may be different depending on how the user registered or if the registration system changed.


All images hosted by yuku are shown in their S3 bucket listing, and a complete scrape with object key and size can be found here.


  • Scrape Google Parsed Raw
  • TODO: Scrape Bing
  • TODO: Scrape DuckDuckGo
  • TODO: Scrape Twitter
  • TODO: Scrape Reddit
  • TODO: Scrape links from MediaWiki wikis
  • TODO: Scrape the Open Directory Project
  • TODO: Scrape the Common Crawl Index
  • TODO: Scrape the Wayback Machine
  • TODO: Scrape URLTeam dumps
  • TODO: Scrape a list of subdomains from DNSdumpster.com (if applicable)
  • pentest-tools.com Subdomain search Parsed