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Your Shot was a user contributed photo site run by National Geographic Magazine. As part of an acquisition of Fox, Disney decided to shutter it with the last date of access on Oct 31, 2019.

Search returns a growing 10,254,953 Results but is believed to be accurate. Latest image ID's are 14240034, implies 4million deleted.

Page types

Search: Date, Location, Keyword

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Need to find:

  • Original un-resized images

More content types

Any 404 page lists additional content that will need further examination

  • Homepage
  • Assignments
  • Stories
  • Photos
  • Photographers
  • Discussions
  • Editor's Blog
  • Daily Dozen


  • Using a Firefox UA causes timeouts when using python scripts however a wget UA avoids this behavior
  • using too narrow/small of a window will cause a redirect to the mobile version This will also occur during playback.

  • GPDR pop-up is thought to be triggered by JS checking a cookie or browser storage. A cookie named "NatGeo_Cookie_Consent__fallback" can be seen matching the response of

               "country_code": "US",
               "consent_required": false
               "country_code": "AT",
               "consent_required": true