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How I archive YouTube videos

The system I currently have down is this: Go through my subs and set it to notify me via email of new uploads. This makes a target channel easier to maintain it's item on

First we gotta set up YouTube DL. We're using Linux/Mac for this, and sourcing the youtube-dl binary from the python repository Pip.

Setting up Youtube-dl

Do not install youtube-dl from Ubuntu/Apple repository. It's probably stale, and may lack key features we need, or buggy and not updated by the maintainer.

We'll use the python Pip repository instead. We'll also be assuming you're using Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install python-pip atomicparsley
sudo -H pip install --upgrade pip youtube_dl

Using a config

Youtube-dl allows you to use a config to set default behavior. This is useful instead of aliasing in .bashrc because pipes or screen instances or trickle do not recognize aliases when running a command prepend with screen or trickle.

echo "--download-archive ~/.ytdlarchive --retries 100 --no-overwrites --call-home --continue --write-info-json --write-description --write-thumbnail --write-annotations --all-subs --sub-format srt --convert-subs srt --write-sub --add-metadata -f bestvideo+bestaudio/best --merge-output-format 'mkv' --embed-subs --prefer-ffmpeg --embed-thumbnail" > ~/.config/youtube-dl.conf

Upgrading Youtube-dl

sudo -H pip install --upgrade youtube_dl

The upgrade schedule for the script is bi-weekly, so try to check for updates once every week or so, or daily if you're really thirsting for a fix to a problem you've reported. I've seen examples of multiple updates being pushed in a week.

Bandwidth management

Use the -r flag to limit bandwidth consumption. Example:

youtube-dl -r 100K [URL]

To rip a video or channel at 100kbps.

Ripping private Google Drive videos

Okay so you got a video shared with you and the owner doesn't alllow downloading. while this method doesn't get a 1:1 copy of the file it's still quite good and much better than nothing or screen capturing the file.

This involves just just a few steps. You'll need:

This downloads the actual video.

We need to get your Google cookie. We need this because you need to be logged in to see the video, or more accurately youtube-dl needs to be logged in to see the page so it can extract the video.


Get the link

Go to your email and find the share notification email. This is the easiest method of getting the link we need to feed into youtube-dl.

It should look something like this:

Put that somewhere you can get back to because you'll need it later.

Getting your Google drive cookie

You need to be signed in so Youtube-dl can see the video to extract it. In order for Youtube-dl to sign in we need to use your cookie. With Cookies.txt installed, open a new tab and head to A new button appeared when you installed cookies.txt. Click this button and it will give you the contents of your cookie. Copy and paste this into a file on your desktop.

I'm calling mine drive-cookie.txt.

Ripping the video

Put youtube-dl on your desktop along with the coolie text file. open cmd or your command line program, navigate to your desktop. Remember that video link sent in the email when the item was shared with you? We need that too.


youtube-dl.exe --continue --cookies drive-cookie.txt -f best

This will use the cookie to sign in to your google account, and download that video.