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Gee, #archivebot sure is noisy!

#archivebot shouldn't be considered a reliable chat channel.

But if you'd like it to be quieter and you use Weechat, try these:

  • /trigger add tag_highlights line "" "${highlight} == 1" "/$/highlight,/tags"
Tags highlights; necessary for the following
  • /filter add bots irc.hackint.#archivebot nick_Aramaki+!highlight,nick_socialbot+!highlight *
Hides all bot responses except those directed at you
  • /filter add commands irc.hackint.#archivebot !self_msg ^!([^a]|abort)
Hides bot commands other than archive, archiveonly, and snscrape, except yours, or...
  • /filter add commands irc.hackint.#archivebot !self_msg ^(!|socialbot)
Hides all bot commands except yours

Don't forget to save!