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Currently have 2 servers.

Small 160gb hdd server in France.
large 2 x 3tb hdd server in Germany.

Current Jobs

Site Address Project status Project State Current Size Wiki Page Notes
Literotica online notsavedyet 16GB Literotica Also currently being archive with ArchiveBot job: 9r66fae08tnstgih0bdqni3k5
Literotica Forum online notsavedyet 5.4GB Literotica
Chyoo online notsavedyet 2.9GB Chyoa Chyoo has been left to rot for a while, is new site. Grabbing both sites.
Chyoa online notsavedyet 80GB Chyoa
ThePirateBay online notsavedyet 24GB The_Pirate_Bay
Redump Online! Not saved yet 1.2GB Redump
Filewatcher online notsavedyet 3.9GB Filewatcher
Xbox Scene online notsavedyet 1GB Xbox Scene Site has not been updated in a while, grabbing before it goes. is in a worse state!
Google Baraza closing notsavedyet 805MB Google_Questions_and_Answers
Codeacademy online notsavedyet 27GB Codeacademy

Completed Jobs

None yet!

Future Jobs

To Be determined.

Will be looking at trying to add to the "ISP Hosting" section. With some non-existent companies but active personal webpages.