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My name is no2pencil, & I have a desire to help create, adapt, & execute Linux & Unix shell scripts. This seems to compliment what is going on here, so I decided to join in.

I grew up with computers in the 80's. Back then I wanted a Commodore 64 so very much. When the parents brought home an IBM clone I was a little disappointed. There was so much reading required, & work to be done, just to do stuff. As that time has passed I am so very thankful for that situation, & what I learned from those days.

After watching the BBS documentary by Jason Scott, I realized just how much I did miss out on, not having a modem with my antique machine. After I got my first laptop in '95, I finally found a 14.4 pcmcia card. With that card, I used to love writing programs & scripts to dial the modem on Slackware dialing payphones in lobies. This lead to me collecting & contributing numbers for the Payphone project. Then after finding out about his desire to archive Geocities, just for the sake of doing it for others, & that I actually can add some value to this project... well I just had to join & help out as much or as little as possible.

tl:dr - Jason Scott fucking rules.


A little bit about me :

Dream In Code Admin

Computer Design & Repair Shop owner