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== Archive Team recruiting ==
* [[Dev|Want to code for Archive Team? Here's a starting point.]]
* Help us: '''[[warrior|☞ Download and run your warrior ☜]]'''.
* What's on: [http://tracker.archiveteam.org/ online tracker].
== Active Warrior based projects ==
== Fixer of wikis and caller of the black magic ==
* [[URLTeam]]: URL shorteners were a fucking awful idea. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|urlteam}}'''.
* [[NewsGrabber]]: Saving all news articles. Help with server power or by finding more newssites. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|newsgrabber}}'''.
==== Recently finished ====
* [[Imzy]]: Twitter alternative created by ex-reddit employees closing down on June 23rd. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|archiveteam}}'''.
* [[Steam#Steam Users' Forums|Steam Users' Forums]]: Valve's a bit eager to kill one of the largest vBulletin forums in the world on June 5th. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|outofsteam}}'''.
* [[Eroshare]]: users' lewds are being DELET'd on June 30th. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|nofap}}'''.
* [[Pixiv Chat]]: Pixiv's oekaki chat service is getting washed away on June 15th (JST). '''IRC Channel {{IRC|savepixiv}}'''.
<!-- put projects here that are still in the tracker but not yet deleted so it won't confuse people -->
== Scripts only ==
* [[FTP]]: Download all the FTP sites! '''IRC Channel {{IRC|effteepee}}'''.
== Manual projects ==
* [[AOL]]: Climbing into the decaying walled garden. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|aohell}}'''
* [[ArchiveBot]]: For those with lots of disk space, bandwidth and long-term commitment. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|archivebot}}'''.
* [[Audit2014|Audit 2014]]: It's time to verify our shit. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|auditteam}}'''.
* [[Froogle]]: Let's do a census of all of Google's products. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|froogle}}'''.
* [[FTP]]: Help us find all FTP sites! '''IRC Channel {{IRC|effteepee}}'''.
* [[INTERNETARCHIVE.BAK]]: Grab a slice of the big cake of [[Internet Archive|The Archive]]! '''IRC Channel {{IRC|internetarchive.bak}}'''.
* [[ISP Hosting]]: Finding ISP web hosting services before the Grim Reaper finds them. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|webroasting}}'''.
* [[Project Newsletter]]: Archiving e-newsletters, currently in development. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|projectnewsletter}}'''.
* [[Valhalla]]: Where to store what even the [[Internet Archive]] doesn't have space for? '''IRC Channel {{IRC|huntinggrounds}}'''.
* [[WikiTeam]] (XML dumps): Exporting Mediawiki databases. Permanent effort, [https://github.com/WikiTeam/wikiteam/wiki/Tutorial#I_have_no_shell_access_to_server everyone can help] (you choose the size of your downloads). '''IRC Channel {{IRC|wikiteam}}'''.
* [[Woohoo]]: Yahoo is untrustworthy, let's do a census of all their products. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|woohoo}}'''.
== Upcoming projects ==
<!-- Top priority: could disappear anytime now -->
<!-- Shutting down, definite deadline given -->
<!-- Shutting down, vague deadline given -->
<!-- Shutting down, no deadline given -->
<!-- Archiving the archives -->
<!-- Misc. projects (unmaintained sites, distrust in owners) -->
== Proposed projects ==
<!-- Websites you would like to have archived. Please create a wikipage about the project with information about the website (shutting down? (when), why should it be archived, etc.). -->
* [[DeviantART]]: Being [https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/23/website-builder-wix-acquires-art-community-deviantart-for-36m/ bought by Wix], users may be unhappy with "access to that work to use in their own site building" on Wix. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|devianttart}}.
* [[LiveJournal]]: Very old, widely regarded as in decline, and has a lot of important stuff buried in it. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|recordedjournal}}'''.
* [[DevPort]]: This [http://developerportfolio.com/ portfolio SaaS provider] has [http://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/65135/need-some-help-saas-provider-is-dead-but-my-site-is-still-up-how-should-i-grab-it reportedly] been having infrastructure issues, and removed their social media accounts. Possible impending shutdown.
* [[Tumblr]]: [[Yahoo!]] considered killing it, now Yahoo has been acquired. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|stumblr}}'''.
* [[Ownlog]]: Ownlog is losing popularity and support from its owners. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|pwnlog}}'''.
* [[Google Groups]]: "Gone within a year" ([[User:Jscott|SketchCow]], 2016-06-07).
* [[SoundCloud]]: Might get blown away by Hurricane Debt and Hurricane Copyright. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|soundclown}}'''.
* [[The Pirate Bay]]: Recently came back up, grabbing an archive for sanity's sake. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|yarharfiddlededee}}'''.
== Hiatus / Missed the Mark ==
* [[Vine]]: [[Twitter]] killed the app and left an archive up, but videos likely won't last forever. Project currently on hiatus due to technical issues. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|vinewhine}}'''.
* [[yuku]]: Lately yuku is very unstable and hosting thousands of forums. Project currently on hiatus. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|archiveteam}}'''.
* [[Flickr]]: [[Yahoo!]] decided to kill it, now Yahoo has been acquired. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|flickrfckr}}'''.
* [[ftp-gov]]: Oh, just everything the United States government hosts on FTP. Part of the wider [[Government Backup]] efforts. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|cheetoflee}}'''.
* [[Ipernity]]: Partnership talks remain rocky, fate remains unclear through February 2017. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|ipfinite}}'''.
* [[Yahoo! Answers]]: It's Yahoo. It's been acquired. More questions? '''IRC Channel {{IRC|noanswers}}'''.
* [[PDF 2016]]: We've been given a long list of PDF files. We'll get'em. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|pdflush}}.'''
* [[WikiTeam]] ([[WARC]] format): Saving wikis and their external links for the Wayback Machine. '''IRC Channel {{IRC|wikiteam}}'''.
<small>ArchiveTeam uses the EFnet IRC network – irc://irc.efnet.org – webchat: http://chat.efnet.org:9090 – [[IRC|More info]]</small>

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