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I'm a Hungarian amateur who joined the efforts of ArchiveTeam.

In my free (processing) time I archive wikis yet not archived listed on WikiApiary, with WikiTeam tools. See here what I've already archived.

However, as a Hungarian, I keep an eye on some important user-content-filled Hungarian websites, and, if necessary, I mirror them. (See my current projects below.) But I don't bother the ArchiveTeam community while I seem to manage myself.

(I use Chfoo's Wpull software, as Wget has an issue with parsing certain HTML files.)

And, of course, whenever a big ArchiveTeam project comes up, I join in.

I have neither huge bandwidth nor huge storage, but I'm enthusiast, and I save what I can.

Websites I've saved or I'm going to save myself

Please note that at the moment it seems that I can bear with these, they are relatively small sites, I don't need help (yet).

WebsiteDescriptionReason to saveWebsite statusArchiving status
demotivalo.netThe greatest and possibly the oldest Hungarian site for demotivational postersUncontinous admin activity, unsure futureAlive (as of 2014-07-22In queue
oszdmeg.comSister site of, emotion-themed postersAbandoned by admins, unsure futureAlive (as of 2014-07-22)In queue
idokapu.comSister site of, then-and-now themed postersSaved on 2014-07-23, 426 MiB
klonok.comSister site of, similarities themed postersSaved on 2014-07-22, 131 MiB
kommenthuszar.comSister site of, collection of troll comments and weird posts, mainly from FacebookIn progress
blogter.huOne of the oldest and most popular Hungarian blogging sitesNo admin activity, slow server, excessive spammingAlive (as of 2014-07-22)In queue
ingyenweb.huAn old and popular small-storage free hosting serviceNo visible admin activity, obsoletion, only partial copies in Wayback MachineAlive (as of 2014-07-22)In queue

If you know about an other Hungarian site that seems to be dying or closing, either archive that, or if you can't / don't want, feel free to write on my talk page.