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<div style="font-size:300%; font-weight:bold; text-align:center">[http://archiveteam.org/index.php?title=DNS_History#Archiving FUCK YOU 8086 CONSULTANCY]</div>
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungary Hungarian] amateur who joined the efforts of ArchiveTeam. "Specialized" in watching and saving Hungarian websites.
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungary Hungarian] amateur who joined the efforts of ArchiveTeam. "Specialized" in watching and saving Hungarian websites.

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Hungarian amateur who joined the efforts of ArchiveTeam. "Specialized" in watching and saving Hungarian websites.

Kapcsolat: vichratimot (kukac) euromail (pont) hu

Contact: vichratimot (at) euromail (dot) hu

My projects

Websites that I've archived, I'm archiving or I've took part in organizing their archival, in reversed chronological order in each category. If the website has an entry on this wiki, consult that page for the archives. If not, a link to the archives should be found in the appropriate line.

Large websites

Medium-sized websites

Small websites

My to-do list

In order of urgency.

  1. Fotoalbum.hu – currently crashed, keeping an eye on it
  2. TVN.hu websites – site seems to be okay, but company behind it is very much in the red for years now
  3. hotdog.hu – company that bought it performs very badly
  4. mindenkilapja.hu – owner seems okay but site is not cared of, full of spam
  5. Ingyenweb – a very old and obsoleted free webhosting site not cared for by the maintainer. Also sitting on some valuable domain names
  6. videok.hu – a video sharing site not (any more) too popular, not really cared for, owner same as the one of Ingyenweb


My experience with my few website archiving endavours so far suggests that there are very few websites today that can be mirrored completely in automated ways without human control and intervention. Thus, if one wants to make quality archives even of a small website, it needs more or less attention, often additional work, or several, supplemental runs of archiving tools.

These archiving tools (wget, wpull, ArchiveBot etc.) are very important and useful, but in most cases, are themselves incapable of making complete archives. My philosophy is that we should do as complete and quality archives as possible, if we set off on the journey of archiving a website, so we cannot rely solely on these tools. Of course, constrained by time and resources, we must make a compromise. Otherwise, however, the above applies. At least for me. This is how I archive.

Recommended tools

Tools I've been using with satisfaction.

Further plans

I hope one day I can re-host Hungarian websites that are dead now but have been archived. Or, at least, create a Wayback Machine for Hungarian websites, that would also serve as a mirror to the corresponding Internet Archive items.

I would also be glad to record Hungarian radio and television channels' programme 24/7, but that would require a vast amount of resources.

Hungarian articles about Archive Team

Below I've collected online Hungarian news articles published about Archive Team that I've been able to find. The list is in reversed chronological order.