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Thomas Cook, formally Thomas Cook Group plc, was a British global travel group that ceased trading on 23 September 2019. This page documents how the various online presences of Thomas Cook were archived.


The main website,, now redirects to a page detailing the liquidation process. However, there are several other websites owned by, or connected to Thomas Cook that may also be at risk: (archived with archivebot ID cq8i7vzmee8v7m6yu29sdp7lk) (archived with archivebot ID 4lrx8zxoemug4z94ipi1muunx) (archived with archivebot ID 2bc71m13wsk0emntk8fk9484y)


Thomas Cook have several twitter accounts, all of which are considered at-risk. A non-exhaustive search found the following accounts and they were archived using snscrape and archivebot on 23 September 2019 (as part of archivebot ID a40zrv3o1oja6kzo2bc7l0byt).


A non-exhaustive search on 23 September 2019 turned up many Facebook pages created and run by Thomas Cook. Unfortunately, the majority appear to no longer exist. It is not clear exactly when they were removed, however their existance in search engines (duckduckgo) as og 23 September 2019 indicates a deletion date not too much before that. Out of 138 Facebook pages discovered, only 26 still worked, with the remained not working. The working ones (shown below) were archived using snscrape and archivebot as part of archivebot ID a40zrv3o1oja6kzo2bc7l0byt.

Additional working:

No attempt has been made to archive the pages that do not work.


The following instagram accounts were identified in a non-exhaustive seach:

These accounts were archived using snscrape and archivebot, ID 2bc71m13wsk0emntk8fk9484y.


The following YouTube accounts were identified:

Currently, none of them have been archived although discussion has started as to how they might be archived.

The Danish subsidiary notably had a series of videos that went viral.