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The Artist Union
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Project status Endangered
Archiving status Saved!
Project source
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IRC channel #theabandonoftheartists (on EFnet)
Project lead luckcolors (luckcolor on irc)

The Artist Union is a music hosting site where artists can freely register and upload their work, allowing the users to download it via a simple login with soundcloud in exchange for following the artist's account and posting a comment.

Vital Signs

  • The site has been mostly been abandoned by both artists, users and the company maintaining it. Last updates on the company's social pages were last seen 2 years ago. Links: Youtube Soundcloud Twitter Facebook
  • For accessing the site via mobile there used to be working apps for both Android and IOS, for some reason they seem to have disappeared on both platforms. The company has not released any official statement about this or to any users inquiring on the social pages. The site still redirects to broken pages where the apps should be.

Project Comments

  • The website is very slow to respond typically, producing numerous 502 error messages. The website also frequently crashes, concurrency of 300+ items/minute has been attained but only for a short time period. During 09:00 to 17:00 UTC (approx.) the website cannot handle a load greater than 10 concurrent. Overnight appears to be the best time for grabbing bulk data.