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So I kind of tried to collect some pages, but:

Geocities to close after 15 years of aesthetic "awesomeness" - Ars Technica

Yahoo Quietly Pulls The Plug On Geocities - TechCrunch

So Long, GeoCities: We Forgot You Still Existed - PCWorld

Yahoo pulls the plug on GeoCities - BBC News

"It's official: Yahoo is pulling the plug, and GeoCities is dead. GeoCities had suffered a long and drawn-out battle with its health over the past decade. An antiquated service model and outdated technology are widely blamed for the struggle. An official cause of death, however, has yet to be determined. Awful, eye-punishing graphics, lack of relevancy, and 'lowest-common-denominator design' are believed to have contributed to its demise. GeoCities was 15 years old." Yahoo Pulls the Plug on GeoCities - Slashdot

GeoCities to Shutdown; What Was GeoCities, You Ask? - Mashable

grawity 17:23, 26 April 2009 (UTC)