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Eksopl's Story of Fuuka and Easymodo

Comes from this TwitLonger.

The first Fuuka archive was written and hosted by Anonymous of Russian Federation (AoRF) sometime in 2007. It was just called the /a/rchive back then. He hosted it at on his home connection and it only archived /a/. Eventually he got his ISP's subnet banned from 4chan due to other offences, so the archive stopped working. I asked him for the archive's source code on /a/ and he posted it there, in a RAR embedded in an image. I started an /a/ archive at AoRF's archived data was gone already, so I started from scratch. Soon afterwards, /jp/ was created and I set up a side archive on the same site, using still the first version of AoRF's software. The software at the time was made to archive only one board.

In Oct 2008, the person who supplied me with the server to run the archive told me he couldn't afford it anymore, so I made arrangements to have the archive hosted with Taro (the person who ran 4scrape, a site that archived images from certain 4chan boards, now gone). That was also when the hostname of the archive changed from to was a DynDNS free domain that didn't allow me to set a CNAME record for it. Taro requested that I pointed to his server using a CNAME, so I used a domain I had acquired but was still unused at the time, redirected to and it still did so until May last year, when DynDNS shut down all of their free hostnames.

Meanwhile, sometime in early 2009, AoRF resumed working on the archive code, rewrote a lot of things, added many features (ghost posting was born at this time) and branded it Fuuka. He hosted a temporary version of the archive back at for testing. In Mar 2009, I was able to rehost the archive again, so I took it from Taro, who had been providing the hosting for about 5 months now. With the help of AoRF, we got the new version of the archive running (with all the old data intact, of course). The hostname was kept. kept archiving /a/ and /jp/. Other boards were added and removed as time went by, I don't have any record of which. By Jun 2010, the /a/ archive was placing a strain on my server, so I offered to give the data to someone else for the purpose of continuing the archive. green-oval took it up ( was a Fuuka archive that had been running since Feb 2010, to archive /tv/ and /g/ originally). In Jul 2011, green-oval started having troubles and I took the /a/ archive back. By then, the server I was using to host easymodo was better and could handle /a/ again. Text search on /a/ in easymodo was disabled for a long time, though, until I wrote the code to integrate Fuuka with a search engine, Sphinxsearch (AoRF was out of the picture for some time then, I had been maintaining Fuuka's code at that point). I am not sure when exactly, since I only committed those code changes when I stopped hosting the archives altogether, in late Oct 2011.

In late Oct 2011, I announced I was unable to keep hosting the archives and offered to give away the archive data I had gathered to anyone who wanted to continue them. By the time easymodo closed down, it was archiving /a/, /jp/, /m/ and /tg/, as it's still detailed on Unfortunately, I no longer have that data.

This recollection was mostly pieced together from my memory, the dates were backed up with email records and archive posts. From that point on, the rest is all easily available information, I believe.

I still continued development on Fuuka, first still on Google Code, then on Google Code and Github in parallel, then after a while on Github only. I also wrote Asagi, the dumper that is currently used by all FoolFuuka archivers. The history of all Asagi changes should be available from the commit logs:

Primary Source from a FoolFuuka Developer

Adm|nymous gave us some info about the history of Fuuka, FoolFuuka, and the Fuuka Archivers.

archiving software

  • fuuka = original board dumper with an included front-end written by AoRF and maintained by eksopl afterwards
  • asagi = re-implementation of the fuuka dumper with some significant improvements
  • foolfuuka = re-implementation of the fuuka front-end with some significant improvements and utilizes the asagi dumper for archiving

there is a fairly significant difference between fuuka archives and asagi/foolfuuka archives

we don't consider it as a spin-off from the foolz archive since management is made up of an entirely new team that contacted us a few months ago to obtain the data/etc. we only provide the occasional software support and updates now. also, i'm pretty sure they don't purge full images and continue to increase their storage capacity. the /mlp/ full image dump is most likely a one-time deal since a few people asked for them when heinessen went down and has been merged into their storage server before they made the tarball iirc.

  • /c/ = <- <-
  • /co/ = <-
  • /g/ = <- (frozen import)
  • /h/ = <-
  • /i/ = <-
  • /mlp/ = <-
  • /po/ = <- <-
  • /r9k/ = <-
  • /s4s/ = <-
  • /sci/ = <- <- <-
  • /tv/ = <- <- <-
  • /u/ = <-

i'm not sure about /pol/ and /k/, but we (foolz) got /tv/ from them. also the archive actually died in feb 2014 due to issues the admin was having with his hosting provider and dumps were provided at that time.

the admin provided dumps for /fit/, /r9k/, /mlp/, and /k/. the /fit/ dump was created much later and given to only a few people iirc. did not inherit heinessen's /mlp/ archive. they inherited all of the data from us (foolz archive) since we had it archived from the very beginning.

it archived /c/, /int/, /out/, and /po/. foolz obtained the data in june 2014.

the scanlation team never depended on easymodo's /a/ archive to coordinate anything and used irc instead. woxxy only picked it up because he browsed/used it for other things. also, the scanlation team doesnt really have anything to do with the development team (foolcode).

the data lost didn't occur during the ownership/data transfer phase but much later. it happened a few weeks after all data had been transferred to the's servers. you should contact Hasumi for more details if want. she should also be able to provide you with more detailed information bout the thumbnails restored since a few of those info look wrong.

  • /c/ = <- <-
  • /co/ = <-
  • /int/ = <- <-
  • /mlp/ = <- (from the beginning)
  • /out/ = <- <-
  • /po/ = <- <-
  • /sci/ = <- <- <-
  • /tv/ = <- <- <-

also 4chan started to scrub exif data from jpgs back in summer 2014 which results in entirely different file hashes. so reposting images won't restore old thumbnails.

Lost data May - Oct?

What happened to the good samaritan who was going to upload these files from his private archive? Allytogood (talk) 23:32, 6 March 2016 (EST)

Unfortunately while uploading his drive started to fail right then and there. He only uploaded /vp/ before he had to stop and rescue what he could. Antonizoon (talk) 23:07, 8 March 2016 (EST)

Darn that sucks. Well, thanks! Allytogood (talk) 18:26, 10 March 2016 (EST)

Archive of pre-foolz downfall /v/?

So since is no more. Does anyone know of an archive that hosts all the pre-downfall content from foolz? only hosts from October 4 onward. only hosts starting from mid-January. desustorage doesn't host /v/ period. Allytogood (talk) 12:20, 25 March 2016 (EDT) holds the content from before shut down, so that's what you're looking for. Those sites work to keep archiving /v/ where they left off. If you'd like to discuss with the admins, jump in at #bibanon and ask for Bui (runs and ran, or atc (runs Desustorage and a secret Archive of Last Resort). Antonizoon (talk) 18:15, 25 March 2016 (EDT)

It doesn't archive content before Oct. Try to search for something older than that. Thanks for the tip though. Allytogood (talk) 17:26, 26 March 2016 (EDT)

Found another archive. Dedicated to /b/. (NSFW warning)

The site is Full-size images are uploaded to Imgur. It only saves thumbnails of WEBMs, though. It is not Fukka based, and apparently fully custom. It self-proclaims itself "one of the largest /b/ archives" although I haven't browsed it enough to verify that claim. Looks to be much too big to just throw into ArchiveBot. Sitemaster can be contacted at If someone wants to fill out the template and add it to the page, I would appreciate it.

I (possibly) found full images for /vg/ prior to August 2019.

In the section talking about Fireden, it says that has only remaining copy of /vg/ albeit with thumbnails only after Fireden stopped archiving. However, I found that a site called "" seems to have the full images prior to August 2019. If you go to basically any point prior to August, it has [full images] for every post. This site also seems to be not referenced anywhere for some reason. JRCentral (User talk:JRCentral|talk]]) 23:36, 12 August 2020 (EDT) is or possibly was an archiver for 4chan that did all boards. As of me saying this, it is inactive. It may return, however the outage has lasted significantly longer than I'd like.

--SkynetPR (talk) 02:47, 29 March 2021 (UTC)

Possible looming permanent outage of 1d4chan. This is... extremely alarming.

1d4chan is an extremely comprehensive /tg/ wiki that held a not inconsiderable amount of information, including famous /tg/ figures and traditions.

It went down in the past, but now has gone down for quite a long while. now leads to a 502 bad gateway. As of today, I have been lead to believe the site has been out intermittently for more than two months, as seen here, and quickly checking reddit, it seems its fallen for two days now. seems to have gone - yesterday it displayed a database moving notice from last year, now it posted a crying anime GIF with cryptic ALT text of "Even if we painstakingly piece together something lost, it doesn’t mean things will ever go back to how they were."

There's been no reason for this - a thread on /g/ addressing it had a widely replied post claiming it's federal agencies, but it's so filled with tinfoil junk that I can't really believe it. Additionally, torako (it's image archive host) still works. FMecha (talk) 06:53, 22 May 2022 (UTC) appears to have stopped saving posts (at least /co/ and /sci/) since April 27. -Fochanew (talk) 11:26, 25 May 2022 (UTC)