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WARC Tools

The WARC Ecosystem has information on tools to create, read and process WARC files.

General Tools

    • Backing up a Wordpress site: wget --no-parent --no-clobber --html-extension --recursive --convert-links --page-requisites --user=<username> --password=<password> <path>"
  • cURL
  • HTTrack - HTTrack options
  • Pavuk -- a bit flaky, but very flexible
  • Warrick - Tool to recover lost websites using various online archives and caches.
  • Beautiful Soup - Python library for web scraping
  • Scrapy - Fast python library for web scraping
  • snscrape - Tool to scrape social networking services.
  • Splinter - Web app acceptance testing library for Python -- could be used along with a scraping lib to extract data from hard-to-reach places
  • WiLiSe WikiLink Search - Python script to get links to specific pages of a site through the search in a Wiki (MediaWiki-type) has the api.php accessible or extension LinkSearch enabled (the project is still very immature and at the moment the code is only available in this SVN repository).
  • Mobile Phone Applications -- some notes on preserving old versions of mobile apps

Hosted tools

  • Pinboard is a convenient social bookmarking service that will archive copies of all your bookmarks for online viewing. The catch is that it costs $22/year, or $39/year if you want the archival feature and you can only download archives of your 25 most recent bookmarks in a particular category. This may pose problems if you ever need to get your data out in a hurry.
  • -- Extensible open-source (source) Chrome plugin allowing users to export their own content (reviews, posts, etc.). Exports to JSON format, optionally publish to & mirrors under Creative Commons CC0 license. Supports Yelp, IMDB, TripAdvisor, Amazon, GoodReads, and Quora as of July 2019.


Format Specific


Web scraping

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