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Explore Sketch
Explore Sketch
Status Closing
Archiving status Unknown
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IRC channel #SketchedOut (on hackint)

Sketch is a image drawing and editing app for smart phones made by Sony. The online parts of Sketch will be discontinued on 2019-09-30[1]

User Counts

SSO can be from Google, Facebook, or Sony. The corporate user account,, which new accounts automatically follow, shows "1,770,777 FOLLOWERS".

Browser URLs

Browsing pages:

By Tag:

By User:

Sketch pages:



The following endpoints can be used to list sketches, and powers the explore view:

The last one seems to list all (23 million) available sketches. Example usage:

Other APIs

Additional APIs are needed for the mobile app to function but have not yet been located.

  • Who's following whom
  • Related tags to currently viewed tag

AWS S3 Expiration issue

Almost all the images live in AWS S3. Many of these URI tokens expire 1 hour after being generated. A link can be checked whether it's expired because the Expired parameter is a timestamp after which it will not longer be valid. Where this is particularly problematic is the thumbnail URLs. Any webpage that contains a thumbnail image, those images need to be grabbed in the next hour or will be missing and can not be repaired later.