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Explore Sketch
Explore Sketch
Status Closing
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IRC channel #SketchedOut (on hackint)

Sketch is a image drawing and editing app for smart phones made by Sony. The online parts of Sketch will be discontinued on 2019-09-30[1]

Browser URLs

Images (expires 1 hour after being generated)


The following endpoints can be used to list sketches, and powers the explore view:

The last one seems to list all (23 million) available sketches. Example usage:

Other APIs

Additional APIs are needed for the mobile app to function but have not yet been located.

AWS S3 Expiration issue

Almost all the images live in AWS S3. Many of these URI tokens expire 1 hour after being generated. Where this is particularly problematic is the thumbnail URLs. Any webpage that contains a thumbnail image, those images need to be grabbed in the next hour or will be missing.