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Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends.
Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends.
Project status Closing
Archiving status In progress... (via ArchiveBot, will need item discovery)
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
Project lead Unknown

An alternative to Formspring.


Closure was announced on 2015-03-27 on Twitter.

Due to personal problems and general burnout of the project leaders, Retrospring will shut down on 1st April (in 4 days) [1] Also, before you think it is: No, it's not an april fools joke. (Bad chosen date, of course, but better at the beginning of the month and [2] announced instead of putting the site off suddenly without notice) [3]

If you want to get all data associated with your user account, send an email using the email address that's associated with your (c)[4] (c) Retrospring account to and wait a little while [5]

Also, regarding the Patreon page, we already sent a deletion request for the page, but they seem to take a while. [6] If you want to get sure not to pledge more out of accident, please cancel your patronship! [7]

Needs doing!

Site blocks ArchiveBot downloaders after some time, even with [500, 1000]ms delays (2× concurrency). Starting over doesn't make sense any more, so somebody needs to download the aborted warcs (see [8]), parse the 302s and the queue, and feed it into a NON-BLOCKED pipeline, and repeat after the bot is blocked, until the scrape is done.