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URL http://puush.me/
Project status Special Case
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IRC channel #pushharder (on EFnet)
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puu.sh is an image sharing service that was created in 2010.

Image expiry

Early on June 7th, 2013, the following email was sent out to users:

"Hey guys,

We're making some important changes to puush and want to inform you of how it will affect our service.

When we first conceived puush in 2010, we wanted to create a straightforward way to help us quickly share what was on our screens. Soon after, we extended puush to allow us to throw small files around too. Since then, we’ve seen a massive uptake and tremendous support from our users. The problem is that a tremendous majority of puushes aren’t being accessed again after 24 hours - in fact, only 10% of puushes are accessed after a month.

puush to us is a quick way to share things. puush is not a data warehouse.

We do not wish to become a file locker, file storage or backup service. There are plenty of other solutions out there that do a much better job of this (e.g. Dropbox), so what we want to do is this:

* Remove the 200mb storage limit for free users
* Stop offering permanent storage, and files will expire after not being accessed for:
   - Free users: 1 month
   - Pro users: up to 6 months
* Offer an optional Dropbox “sync” for pro users (i.e. automatically save a copy to dropbox)

How this will affect you after the 1st of August 2013:

* You will no longer have an account storage limits. Feel free to puush as much as you want!
* We are going to start expiring files. At this point, any files which haven't been recently viewed by anyone will be automatically deleted after 1 month, or up to 6 months for pro users.
* If you wish to grab a copy of your files before this begins, you can download an archive from your My Account page (Account -> Settings -> Pools -> Export).

As an example, if you have puush'd images which are being used on a forum, as long as that thread is visited at least once a month (or up to 6 months as a pro user) your files will *always be accessible*."

This notice is also visible on the puu.sh site, where it was announced even earlier.


  • Keep accessing each and every file - likely unsustainable in the long run in the event that expiry times are shortened
  • Grab everything - the site appears to use incremental images IDs