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Status Closing
Archiving status In progress...
Archiving type Unknown
Project tracker here
IRC channel #preposterus (on hackint)

Posterous is a blogging platform started in May 2008. It was acquired by Twitter on March 12, 2012 and will shut down April 30, 2013. Announcement

Seesaw script


Follow instructions to install seesaw and edit script for IP address.

For wget:

Running too many concurrently will get you banned at :50 past the hour.


Make sure you place an IP address after --bind-address= on line 175. Example: "--bind-address=",

git clone
cd posterous-grab
git clone
cd seesaw-kit
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
sudo pip install seesaw
cd ../
chmod +x && ./
run-pipeline --concurrent 1 --address <your_ip_address> <your_username>

Site List Grab

We have assembled a list of Posterous sites that need grabbing. Total found: 9898986

Tools: git