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Archiveteam1.png This list is outdated and not representative of the current state of Pomf clones. (August 2016)

Pomf clones are file hosting services based on the code of Pomf.se. Numerous clones have appeared after Pomf.se shut its doors. Many of these clones have shut their doors quickly, sometimes without notice and with no backups at the Internet Archive.

The Pomf community has an active IRC channel, #pomfret on Rizon (irc.rizon.net).

List of known clones



  • URL: http://1339.cf/
  • Maintainer: bohrmeista <bohr@cock.li> (@bohrmeista)
  • Archiving status:
  • November 2014 to 2015-08-27: Lost
  • 2015-08-27 to present: Not saved yet
  • Files: 19760 (2015-10-18)
  • Size: 64.52 GB (2015-10-18)
  • Born: November 2014

1339.cf was previously known as 1338.cf, but changed domains after the domain registrar suspended the domain for file sharing abuse. The 1339.cf domain was registered on 2015-08-21.

About 16k-17k files and approx. 50-55 GB of data was lost on 2015-08-27 after 1339.cf's previous hosting provider HostDime suspended server access for excess bandwidth usage. They never returned to queries about unsuspending and recovering data again, according to bohrmeista.

1339.cf is currently hosted on Hetzner.de, which the authors of this document consider to be an unreliable dedicated server hosting provider for file sharing. The maintainer (bohrmeista) was aware of our warnings to avoid Hetzner.de, claiming he is not willing to spend more money on a better server.

More recently in August or September 2015, bohrmeista was absent for psychotherapy, claiming depression on IRC.

The maintainer has shared statistics and information on IRC in #/g/hostingtalk channel, which he frequents.

-- Sun, 18 Oct 2015 --
09:46:14 +WubTheCaptain | bohrmeista: How many files do you have on 1339.cf?
                        | How large in size?
18:19:50    +bohrmeista | WubTheCaptain: 19760 files and 65GiB
18:20:27 +WubTheCaptain | bohrmeista: Thanks. Do you remember exact date when
                        | you started 1338.cf?
18:20:49    +bohrmeista | Must be november 2014 I think
18:21:23 +WubTheCaptain | bohrmeista: Is that quite accurately 65 GB?
18:21:28 +WubTheCaptain | Like, 65,0 GB?
18:23:11    +bohrmeista | 69282702235 bytes
18:23:24    +bohrmeista | to be exact
18:23:37 +WubTheCaptain | 64.52 GB
18:24:15    +bohrmeista | yup, but all the old files were lost since those
                        | shitheads still didn't do nothing to the old server
18:24:26    +bohrmeista | so this is for the last 52 days

gallium.ga was first spotted on 2015-10-05. It uploads files to 1339.cf. No maintainer information is known.


Seems to avoid being kicked. (Get it?)

Does not implement RFC 2142 abuse@ and postmaster@ contacts, which could be troubling. The domain is also registered anonymously and behind CloudFlare's CDN.


The maintainer is anonymous, with an anonymously registered domain. The website is hosted on NFOServers, which is not too much of a concern but not ideal either.

Catbox has an URL shortener at qt.catbox.moe, which is a terrible idea from archiving perspective and only contributes to linkrot.

Worryingly, Catbox also doesn't allow Wayback Machine to save posts from Catbox Blog due to robots.txt. The blog is particularly important, because it has more stats about total visitors, unique visitors, pages served, hits and bandwidth usage. For now, the blog has been captured at Archive.is.


The maintainer chats with the authors on IRC and publishes transparency, so we have a reason to trust the maintainer reasonably well. Fuwa.se has been stable since birth and we've not noticed any major issues.

In the very beginning, Fuwa.se was hosted for few days on another domain name.

-- Mon, 19 Oct 2015 --
14:19:32 +WubTheCaptain | Luminarys: Could you share some stats about
                        | Fuwa.se, please?
14:19:43     +Luminarys | Sure
14:20:09     +Luminarys | We're at 1772 files and 2.66 GBs


Uses custom software, currently running on a small VPS but will move to better hosting when necessary.


  • URL: https://madokami.com/
  • Maintainer: kimoi
  • Archiving status: Not saved yet
  • Files: Unknown
  • Size: Unknown
  • Born: Unknown (first seen 2015-08-01)

Madokami is growing in popularity on 4chan's /g/ technology board as of 2015-10-18. Very little is known about the maintainer and there is no easy way to contact him/her.


Mixtape.moe is currently one of the largest Pomf clones out there, growing in popularity. However, from our experience, the maintainer is not very cooperative.


While Pantsu.cat is still alive and well, there's a concern over the choice of hosting provider (RansomIT) and ewhal's inactivity since early October 2015. The authors recommend to keep an eye on Pantsu.cat for more sickly and unstable behavior.

The maintainer has pledged to be entirely transparent and on event of shutdown to preserve everything at Internet Archive, and we have every reason to believe Eliot for this.


The maintainer is one of the original developers of Pomf. If rumors are true, this clone is backed by Hummingbird which is rumored to have lots of resources for hosting this clone for a long time.

However, we are being cautious with this clone. Despite the authors knowing the maintainer reasonably well, we believe an anonymous domain behind CloudFlare with no RFC 2142 abuse@ and postmaster@ contacts and no informed alternative contact on the clone pages itself, it endangers itself to abuse. Keep an eye out for trouble.


Keep an eye out for trouble. Pomf.io does not have RFC 2142 abuse@ and postmaster@ contacts and the domain is anonymously registered, although we recognize the maintainer in other ways.

The linked @no_bulli Twitter account is dead. The maintainer also hosts lewd.sx and lewdchan, where the latter has previously seen a temporary shutdown.


The maintainer is also known as Satori and operates dango.club.

Pomf.pl does not have RFC 2142 abuse@ and postmaster@ contact roles, the domain name is anonymously registered and the website is behind CloudFlare. Keep an eye out for trouble.


Although up.che.moe provides dumps of the content, we cannot trust OVH to be a reliable hosting provider, especially so on their VPS line and without an MX record for abuse@ contact.

The maintainer is unsure about cooperating with archival efforts, in fear of bad apples among the files.

From: Bertalan Maire <bertalanmaire@gmail.com>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving up.che.moe at Internet Archive
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 20:27:29 +0200

there's a decrapified/dedoxified dump available to download at the page.
The thing is though that a lot of the files have personal info / dox in
them so idk if I want to put those up forever.

WubTheCaptain informed the maintainer that a WARC has been created of the decrapified dump.

From: Bertalan Maire <bertalanmaire@gmail.com>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving up.che.moe at Internet Archive
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 21:09:26 +0200

Wasn't technically done by me (the archive) so I hold no liability for it
but yeah whatever goes up is there and public so that's okay imho, tbh my
clone isn't that popular and I've mostly been using it for my own file
storage more than anything else.

We then queried if sharing the full file name list with us would be okay.

From: Bertalan Maire <bertalanmaire@gmail.com>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving up.che.moe at Internet Archive
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 21:14:53 +0200

I'm about 90% sure that my paypal info is on there so I'll probably have to
go through it and whatnot before doing that which brings us to your point
Not sure what's the best thing to do is at the moment, the real issue is
that I'm travelling in about 4 hours so I can't take the time right now if
I can contact you in the week and figure something out.

The maintainer also confirmed the clone has been up ever since the domain registration date.

From: Bertalan Maire <bertalanmaire@gmail.com>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Fwd: [GANDI] Domain name creation
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 21:37:13 +0200

At this time.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <support-en@support.gandi.net>
Date: 14 September 2014 at 20:09
Subject: [GANDI] Domain name creation
To: bertalanmaire@gmail.com

We also heard there was a hosting issue early.

From: Bertalan Maire <bertalanmaire@gmail.com>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Fwd: [GANDI] Domain name creation
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 21:42:48 +0200

To be honest there was a host issue but the pomf clone was up about a  week
after that at most.
I also wasn't indexed for a long time on search engines.

The maintainer also wanted to correct their name.

From: Bertalan Maire <bertalanmaire@gmail.com>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Fwd: [GANDI] Domain name creation
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 22:07:20 +0200

You got the name wrong it's Pierre Maire just like in the whois record Ty


The maintainer is bringing himself to a whole lot of legal trouble by subjecting himself to voluntary moderation over content. Service providers should not delete any user generated copyrighted files without first receiving a takedown notice, for your own legal protection and interests of digital rights.

In many European countries, there is only immediate obligation to remove child pornography and in some EU member states certain forms of hate speech, but only once the service provider is actually aware of hosting such content. In other words, only after receiving an abuse complaint.

Let his own words explain. The maintainer needs a little bit of education, that's all.

Please note that files that go over 5MB will all be checked by hand if they fall into the category "shit could possibly happen if I keep them on the server". Which means any DMCA stuff will be removed, and so on.

A cronjob won't actually stop malware abuse, because botnets will upload an .exe file once and the C&C instructs bots to download it in less than an hour. The user-agents of these bots are usually all the same and faked to be and old version of Internet Explorer from our experience, all rapidly downloading the same file at the same time from multiple IP-addresses.

.exe files are deleted with a cronjob every half an hour — this is to avoid virus distribution, yet we don't want to waste server resources in (not-working) virus scanners.

The zxq.co domain is anonymously registered, does not have MX records for RFC 2142 abuse@ and postmaster@ roles and is behind CloudFlare's CDN, which begs for abuse. Then there's our favorite, most unreliable French hosting provider OVH.

This website runs on an ovh kimsufi box, aka I have 100mbit up/down to be shared with also all the other shit on this server (teamspeak, personal projects...). Don't DDoS or I'll sentence your IP to a lifetime in jail.

And finally, if things didn't think to go worse:

Any file can be removed or replaced at any time for any reason.

We are also dubious how the domain registrar 1API handles abuse.

Created by Registrar:                        1API GMBH
Last Updated by Registrar:                   1API GMBH

Therefore, we are listing g.zxq.co to be very sickly as a precaution for the worst. We strongly discourage anyone to use g.zxq.co for file sharing.

Fortunately if there is light at the end of the tunnel, the maintainer has offered to help us with archival efforts.

From: Howl <the@howl.moe>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving g.zxq.co at Internet Archive
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 11:08:20 +0200

If you are interested in archiving it, i can provide you with a list of 
the files hosted on the server, in whichever format you like.
The website is going to get a planned overhaul, both software and 
content wise in the next two months (hopefully).
As for the concerns about the status of the website, I have only 
quickly have a read it, but I'm going to read it completely when I get 
home, and if there are any issues that I'm able to fix, I will fix them.

The maintainer has also shared stats with us.

From: Howl <the@howl.moe>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving g.zxq.co at Internet Archive
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 15:01:50 +0200

Created: 10 June 2015
Number of hosted files (as of 2015-10-19 14:59 CEST): 3724
Folder size: 7.6GB (7963952 bytes)


  • URL: https://kyaa.eu/
  • Maintainer: Boltsie <kyaa@kyaa.eu>
  • Archiving status:
  • 2015-06-21 to 2015-10-19: Saved!
  • 2015-10-20 to present: Not saved yet
  • Files: 1677 (2015-10-19)
  • Size: 1.9 GB (2015-10-19)
  • Born: 2015-06-21

The maintainer is anonymous, besides a contact email in WHOIS and RFC 2142 role abuse@kyaa.eu.

The maintainer seems to be a nice fellow and supportive of archival efforts and transparency.

From: kyaa@kyaa.eu
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Cc: benjamying@gmail.com, abuse@kyaa.eu
Subject: Re: Preserving Kyaa.eu at Internet Archive
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 20:35:03 -0400


Thanks for the email. Yes, I don't mind doing that - in which format  
and how would you like to have the archive?

I am very much fairly new to the 'free file hosting' thing - though  
I've already heard horror stories of what happened over at Pomf and  
other clones (hence there isn't much coverage on this - have to keep  
this relatively small). I've been thinking of this as well, what kind  
of transparency would you like to see - that of what was originally at  
Pomf? Keep in mind no donations are being taken at the moment for this.


From: kyaa@kyaa.eu
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving Kyaa.eu at Internet Archive
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 13:06:49 -0400

Thanks. I've poked you on EFNet IRC earlier today. Thanks for pointing  
me in the right direction with regards to transparency. Let me go  
through it and think of how best to implement it. It would be  
considered okay to add sections as and when required/necessary to  
that, correct?

For now, I have extracted and attached a list of files on Kyaa.eu,  
available here: https://r.kyaa.eu/zcjxff.txt (SSL available if that's  
your thing).

Some files may no longer be around if it was picked up by a virus  
scan, etc. (I don't actively go through the virus log scans, but at  
present I note https://r.kyaa.eu/ttpchw.php as having been one of them).

I've taken the wget command for a spin though I don't have the time to  
fully complete it at present. I appreciate the assistance you are  
offering and hope you will keep this to being used for the purposes of  
archiving the files on it. Ideally in the next few weeks I will be  
able to automate the creation of the WARC files and run it on a  
schedule (or if you already have a solution for that as well, let me  

Here are some statistics from the server:

du -sh *
1.9G    r.kyaa.eu

ls -l | wc -l

Looking forward to further contact with you.


The authors are concerned of the maintainer not being the registrant for the kyaa.eu domain. The domain name could be hijacked by the current registrant or suspended by the .EU registry. In other words, Kyaa could be here one day and gone the other.

-- Wed, 21 Oct 2015 --
09:33:45       +Boltsie | WubTheCaptain: To be honest, I don't live in a
                        | region where there are  "real" free speech laws.
                        | The government in my area has been known to do very
                        | controversial moves to get the result they want.
09:33:56 +WubTheCaptain | Spain?
09:34:07       +Boltsie | Singapore.
15:19:52 +WubTheCaptain | Boltsie: By the way, the .eu registrar rules
                        | require you to be an European resident as far as I
                        | remember it. Your domain could be suspended.
15:21:43 +WubTheCaptain | >Any person, company or organisation based in the
                        | European Union, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein
                        | can register a .eu domain name.
15:22:27 +WubTheCaptain | Gandi.net says in TOS: "you must provide a valid
                        | postal address in one of the 28 member-states of
                        | the European Union"
15:23:12 +WubTheCaptain | I would suspect Kyaa.eu is hosted on RamNode?
15:24:37       +Boltsie | I understand WubTheCaptain. I do have an address
                        | available from the EU, not in my name however. And
                        | no, I've had my share of bad experiences with them
                        | before.


  • URL: https://nyanimg.com/
  • Maintainer: Unknown <admin@nyanimg.com>
  • Archiving status: Not saved yet
  • Files: Unknown
  • Size: Unknown
  • Born: Unknown (estimated 2015-06-08, first seen 2015-08-01)

NyanIMG's domain is registered anonymously, behind CloudFlare's CDN, with one of the MX records misconfigured to not accept mail to abuse@ or postmaster@. NyanIMG's FAQ also says to delete files for any reason.

Any file can be removed or replaced at any time for any reason.

Because of this, the authors strongly discourage relying on NyanIMG.

NyanIMG has references to pantsu.pw, which unfortunately is also anonymous.


The authors strongly discourage relying on Openhost. Experience tells that RamNode is consistently one of the most unreliable hosting providers regarding abuse notices.

We are also not fans of using CloudFlare's CDN with an anonymously registered domain name, because those are never seen to be legitimate hosts by anti-spam organizations and other anti-abuse groups.

RamNode's abusive practices


Pomf.cat (pomf.se clone) is a work-in-progress and only has 1TB of space; files may be lost, removed, or broken; please take this into account, thanks for your understanding.

The above banner has existed from birth and no change is apparent.

As a preliminary caution, we are listing Pomf.cat to be sickly. There's no RFC 2142 abuse@ and postmaster@ contact roles, so we are also being cautious for abuse related suspension.

The maintainers are not entirely interested to cooperate for archival efforts, but said to consider it.

From: Cats <cats@riseup.net>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving Pomf.cat at Internet Archive
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 12:07:21 -0700

I don't think it'll be shutting down anytime soon. Our host is completely fr=
ee and shouldn't be going down at all, but I'll think about it.=20

Pomf.cat may also be financially troubled in case of emergency. Worrying intensifies.

From: Cats <cats@riseup.net>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving Pomf.cat at Internet Archive
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 12:38:10 -0700

The reason I haven't setup mail servers yet is that I don't have the money t=
o buy another server for mail and I don't want to use the main server since i=
t will probably be DDoS'd sooner or later

The website was shut down on 2023-03-31.


The maintainer has reached out to ArchiveTeam in the past asking for archival advice so they are likely amenable to assist with preserving their site if it becomes endangered.

Dead as a doornail


  • URL: http://a5.tf/ (Wayback Machine)
  • Maintainer: "Jim Rustle" <a5@YouWill911.com>
  • Archiving status: Lost
  • Files: Unknown
  • Size: Unknown
  • Born: 2013-11-27
  • Died: 2015-10-18
  • Missing: Mid-2015
  • First seen: 2014-05-17
  • Last seen: 2015-06-09
  • Cause of death: Unknown

Nobody saw it going, even while being quite popular at the time. The a5.tf domain is registered anonymously, so not much can be done to track the maintainer.

We're not sure of the birthdate, so we use the date of domain registration.

Because A5.tf has been missing for months and shows no vital signs of revieval, we are declaring it to be dead and all content to be lost.

Cloud My File

  • URL: http://cdfile.cf (Wayback Machine)
  • Maintainer: Unknown
  • Archiving status: Lost
  • Files: Unknown
  • Size: Unknown
  • Born: 2015-05-21 (on /g/)
  • Died: 2015-10-19
  • Missing: 2015-08-01
  • First seen: 2015-05-13 (on /g/)
  • Last seen: 2015-06-29
  • Cause of death: Unknown

Nobody was paying attention to Cloud My File, so it disappeared silently.

According to a post on /g/, Cloud My File was hosted on OVH and behind CloudFlare. This may also reason the cause of death, as the authors do not trust either to be reliable for file sharing services. The promise of hosting files "forever" wasn't true.

Because Cloud My File has been missing in action for months and the maintainer is anonymous, the authors assume content to be lost and announce this service to be dead.


  • URL: http://fogles.us/ (Wayback Machine)
  • Maintainer: Unknown
  • Archiving status: Saved!
  • Files: 262
  • Size: 260.9 MB
  • Born: Unknown (first seen 2015-07-12)
  • Died: 2015-07-13
  • Cause of death: Voluntarily shutdown without notice

Nobody seems to know where Fogles.us came from, or why. Maybe it was meant to be a joke never to be found.

Once discovered, we also discovered that Fogles.us allowed uploading arbitrary PHP code, and it seems the maintainer(s) took the front page down after finding it out the next day. Fortunately, the administrative action to remove the front page allowed the archivists to grab the filelist and inevitably a copy of all files.

The site vanished completely with its files in the following month quietly.

Love is Over

Love is Over announced immediate shutdown of their file sharing service and never replied to email queries about a possibility of preserving data.

At the time of shutdown, it was estimated to contain the largest or second largest amount of data of known Pomf clones, only competing with Maxfile.ro.


  • URL: https://matu.red/
  • Maintainer: SFMLab Administrator <admin@sfmlab.com>
  • Archiving status: Not saved yet
  • Files: 2062 (2015-10-18)
  • Size: 2.6 GB (2015-10-18)
  • Born: 2015-06-10
  • Died: 2015-10-21
  • Missing: 2015-10-18
  • Last seen: 2015-10-05
  • Cause of death: Unsustained amount of bandwidth

A reddit user Madbrad200 took a screenshot of matu.red front page on 2015-10-05. First observation sickness was observed on 2015-10-18, as the front page now requires authentication (401 Authorization Required).

The maintainer has cited abuse issues for restricting uploads.

From: SFMLab Administrator <admin@sfmlab.com>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: matu.red Pomf clone
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 15:21:43 +0200

Because people were uploading CP and bestiality, which is against the
rules. I've deleted the offending files. I won't allow other people to
upload from now on and intend to keep the site to myself.

The maintainer is not willing to cooperate with preserving the files, citing privacy reasons.

From: SFMLab Administrator <admin@sfmlab.com>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: matu.red Pomf clone
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 16:15:28 +0200

As much as I support the work you guys do trying to preserve the history
of the internet, I'm going to have to decline. This is just my personal
preference, but I feel that due to the "unlisted" nature of files on
pomf and pomf clones, there is the assumption that files only get shared
with those who have the link. I feel that some degree of privacy is
implied. I think that listing these files in a public directory breaches
that privacy. I can provide you with stats to put on the matu.red
deathwatch entry.

File size: 2.6GB
Files: 2062
Page created: 10th of June 2015

Thanks for writing me and good luck archiving other clones.


As of 2015-10-21, all files on x.matu.red domain are gone. The front page on matu.red is also gone. The maintainer claims to have exceeded bandwidth on the server.

 From: SFMLab Administrator <admin@sfmlab.com>
 To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
 Subject: Re: matu.red Pomf clone
 Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2015 18:15:49 +0200

 Got suspended by my host for bandwidth reasons. Working on a solution.


  • URL: https://maxfile.ro/
  • Maintainer: ar157 / alin1337
  • Archiving status: In progress (via scrapes from search engines)...
  • Files: Unknown
  • Size: 8TB (assumed)
  • Born: 2013 or 2014
  • Died: 2016-04-26
  • Cause of death: Financial trouble

Not much is known about the maintainer, but Maxfile.ro was one of the oldest Pomf clones (if not the oldest). The site has been mentioned in Chaos Communication Camp 2015 talk "Jumping the Paywall" by Storm Harding (18:49).

It has been previously listed on malware blacklists many times including Google Safebrowsing.

Death message: https://web.archive.org/web/20160425161927id_/https://maxfile.ro/


See Pomf.se on ArchiveTeam wiki.

Pomf.fi is an alias domain registered by WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu> and pointed to Pomf.se.


David, also known as Proplex and as a contributor to the Tox project, ran a Pomf clone for few days before disabling uploads for "[figuring] out some (DMCA|Malware|Transparency) plans!" The site disappeared few months after that. Last spotted to be alive by WubTheCaptain on /g/48679656.

David has previously cited being busy with his studies and said to return to tfwno.space shortly. As we can guess, this didn't happen.

Uploaded files are assumed to be lost, as the front page shows no vital signs of Pomf source anymore.


  • URL: http://xpo.pw/ (Wayback Machine)
  • Maintainer: Max T-M <max@mxtm.me> (@_mxtm)
  • Archiving status: Not saved yet
  • Files: 9188
  • Size: 11 GB
  • Born: Late October / Early November 2014
  • Died: Early September 2015
  • Cause of death: Malware abuse

mxtm ran a small Pomf clone for few months, which he shutdown citing malware abuse (as far as WubTheCaptain remembers it).

All files have been migrated to Mixtape.moe, so there is still a chance of recovering the files from this service. The files were located on http://u.xpo.pw/ URL.

From: "Max T-M" <max@mxtm.me>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving your Pomf clone
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 07:50:46 -0400

The files are now hosted on mixtape.moe and are accessible by their old
URLs still. I'm not entirely sure if I still have copies, but I'll
check. I think I deleted them after uploading to mixtape's server.

Hmm... I had a counter on the home page forever but I can't remember
exactly and don't want to be horribly wrong... let me see if I saved any
screenshots of it or if I still have the files to check.

From: "Max T-M" <max@mxtm.me>
To: WubTheCaptain <wub@partyvan.eu>
Subject: Re: Preserving your Pomf clone
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 09:41:50 -0400

late October / early November 2014 - early September 2015 is the best
estimate I can give from a quick glance at IRC logs.

Yeah, it was malware abuse that I didn't have the time to fight against.

11 GB was what I uploaded to mixtape.moe, 9188 appears to be the final
file count.