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Project status Offline
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Project tracker parler
IRC channel #neparlepas (on hackint)
Project lead Unknown

Parler is an American social network primarily used by Donald Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists. It drew criticism following the storming of the US Capitol on 2021-01-06. In the following days, its app was removed from Google Play Store[1], Apple threatened[2] and later followed through with[3] removal from their App Store, and Amazon announced that they would suspend Parler's AWS account at 2021-01-10 23:59 PST (2021-01-11 07:59 UTC)[4]. Parler had previously said that they would not play a game of provider Whac-A-Mole[5], which means the site is likely to stay down after that. On 2021-01-10, they stated that they were working on migration but are likely to be down for a while.[6]

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