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Archiving status Up to 2021-01-11: Saved!
From 2021-02-15: Not saved yet
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IRC channel #neparlepas (on hackint)
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Parler was an American social network primarily used by Donald Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists. It drew criticism following the storming of the US Capitol on 2021-01-06. In the following days, its app was removed from Google Play Store[1], Apple threatened[2] and later followed through with[3] removal from their App Store, and Amazon announced that they would suspend Parler's AWS account at 2021-01-10 23:59 PST (2021-01-11 07:59 UTC)[4]. Parler had previously said that they would not play a game of provider Whac-A-Mole[5], which means the site is likely to stay down after that. On 2021-01-10, they stated that they were working on migration but are likely to be down for a while.[6]

On 2021-02-15, Parler came back online after a month of inactivity.[7] Posts made before Parler shut down are not currently avaliable[8] but will be restored[9].

On 2023-04-15, Parler was shut down after new owner take over.[10]


Unique users in #archiveteam and #archiveteam-bs per day. The spike is from Parler.

The Parler project got a lot of attention. A website shutdown that had made it into the non-specialist news cycle, an archival project that became a political issue, and a one-off AT collaborator's embrace of the celebrity the project gave them combined to - if nothing else - demonstrate that if our reputation is ever at issue, retreating into our shell isn't a completely bad idea. Much of the most negative attention was the result of a "copypasta" whose earliest known appearance was on Facebook, then spread to Reddit, describing a "group of Internet Warriors" who had hacked Parler, created "millions" of administrator accounts, and then downloaded it "for later retrieval by law enforcement, by the public, by Open Source Intelligence communities", primarily so that the first category could go after its users. This attracted a large number of people who either agreed or disagreed with this purported intention.

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