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URL https://www.pixnet.net/
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IRC channel #pixnot (on hackint)

PIXNET 痞客邦 is the largest blogging service in Taiwan, founded in 2003.

PIXNET has accepted many blogs that migrated from Wretch, Yahoo! Blog, yam天空部落 and Xuite during their closure.

On 2023-08-28, PIXNET announced that it will delete inactive accounts (no login activity after 2020-01-01) and all related data on 2023-12-01. [1] However, this announcement was deleted on 2023-08-31. On 2023-09-18, support confirmed that inactive accounts would not be deleted but merely had to undergo a reverification process.[2][3]

Site structure


Each user has a custom, non-editable, case-insensitive user_name in the regex form of [A-Za-z][0-9A-Za-z]{3,15}, one corresponding nonsequential member_uniqid in the regex form of [0-9a-f]{18} and one corresponding sequential numeric id.

When there are no capital letters in the user_name, an unique numeric utm_content of each user for Google Analytics can be found at https://{user_name}.pixnet.net/album and optionally https://{user_name}.pixnet.net/blog (if the sidebar box #user-info is enabled).

utm_content is possibly the id because http://uimg.adm.pixnet.net/c_cx50x/userdata/pics/avatar/{utm_content}.png used to exist.

The profile card has a alternative layout.


Unlike Xuite, each user can only create one blog and use https://{user_name}.pixnet.net/blog as the URL for that blog.

However, users can purchase to use their own domain name. [4][5] For example, https://anrine910070.pixnet.net/blog 301 redirects to http://bobby.tw/blog , but the latter one still resolves to PIXNET.


Photos or videos can be put into album sets (相簿).

Each album set is either listed directly under the album list, or belongs to exactly one album folder (相簿資料夾) under the album list.

Each event (共同相簿集) is owner by one user and other users can join as members. Every member can add their own album set to the event.


The traditional guestbook (留言板) service was deprecated on 2016-01-14. [6] The official successor is https://appmarket.pixnet.tw/#!/addon/379 .


邦邦 (https://streamtopic.pixnet.net/) is a discussion board service, similar to Facebook Groups. Each topic is owned by one or more moderators (邦主).


PIXNET's API is well-documented at https://developer.pixnet.pro/, but it is heavily rate limited (600 requests/hour with access_token, 200 requests/hour without authentication)


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