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Proposed by JAA a good long while ago, the proposal is to move Archive Team's IRC channels (and many project sub-channels) from EFNet to HackINT.

As is typical, we're currently split between the two networks, with many channels in HackInt and many others in EFNet, depending on the preferences and inclinations of various members. Honestly, this can't continue. As most activity is happening in Hackint anyway, and because we might as well use this for a quorum discussion, this page exists for discussion (along with the talk page) *NOW* (Mid-August) to September 30th, at which point it will (hopefully) be very clear which direction we should go. This page is likely to get increased changes and traffic as time goes, so check back often.

Arguments for moving Archive Team to Hackint

  • IRC Services: No need to micromanage ops in each project channel, ease of administration
  • Stability: Handful of netsplits that lasted just a few minutes on Hackint compared to the ones on EFnet
  • Support: IRC staff has proven to be very helpful and useful and helped us get running with channel and user administration
  • Limits: Per-connection channel limits are much higher on Hackint and do not differ across servers

Arguments for keeping Archive Team on EFnet

  • IRC Services: Inherently leads to a certralisation of permissions vs current system.
  • It has Always Been EFNet, we shouldn't uproot our long-standing relationship and work with that network.
  • EFNet is the longest-lived Network, showing it's here to stay.
  • We should just engage with EFNet to make them more hospitable for Archive Team needs.

How Moving to HackInt would Work

Jason says "There would almost certainly be a #archiveteam channel on EFNet forever, with some people sitting in related long-time channels like #archiveteam-bs and #archiveteam-ot - but project channels would shut down and move to HackInt. So we'd still have a split, but the channels on EFNet would be more like either social hangouts or represent outreach to guide people to the other location."


  • This is not a vote; this is a show of support in one direction.

Edit and add your name to one of the lists below if you have a strong opinion one way or another. Describe your thinking, if you'd like. Do not add others if they are not on the Wiki.

In Favor of Move to Hackint

In Favor of Staying at EFNet