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Revision as of 16:16, 23 November 2017 by FerryMan (talk | contribs) (This is the email I received from Nintendo within regards to their official post dumps available for users. Stripped it of any info that could potentially identify me. The expiry date seems to be universal.)
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Dear X,

This email has been sent to you because a request for your Miiverse post history was submitted using the Nintendo Network ID linked to your Nintendo Account.

The post history for X has been created and can now be downloaded via the link below. Please read the “How to view your post history” and “Important information” sections in this email for more information about accessing your post history.

Post history download link:


Nintendo Network ID: X


Expiry date: 31/12/2017

How to view your post history

1. Open the above link using an internet browser on your PC, then download the file.

2. Unzip the downloaded .ZIP file and open “index.html”.

Important information

- You will be unable to download your post history after the expiry date.

- Please use a PC to download and view your post history. A smart device cannot be used.

- Please note that, depending on the number and types of posts in your post history, the file size may be several hundred MB or several GB.

- Anyone with access to the above link will be able to download your post history. Please use the link carefully.

Thank you for choosing Nintendo.

Please do not reply to this email address.

For more information, please visit the Nintendo Support website:


For enquiries related to your Nintendo Account, please contact the dedicated support:

service@nintendo.de (operated by Nintendo Co., Ltd.)

This is an email related to your Nintendo Account. It is in English because your Nintendo Account is set to English.

Nintendo Co., Ltd., 11-1 Hokotate-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8501, Japan. Registration number: 1300-01-011420. Representative Directors: Tatsumi Kimishima, Shigeru Miyamoto.