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Mailman 2 is EOL, so all instances of it are liable to either get converted to other software (breaking all URLs in the process), get shut down or get hacked etc.


When doing Mailman 2 archiving, please link to this page for the explanation.


Searching for URLs containing `/listinfo/` or `/pipermail/` in search engines helps.

IRC channel topics may contain Mailman 2 instances.

Lists of security issues may contain Mailman 2 instances: Debian

If you find archives not included in the list below, please add them.


Mailman 2 sites generally work well in ArchiveBot. However, because they are often customised and can have missing redirects and weird URL structures, additional initial points of entry are often needed. Definitely scout all these things beforehand.

Usually the /pipermail/ top-level page is 403, but sometimes it exposes additional data like mbox archives, so always check it for a directory listing.

Many sites have mailing lists not published on the main listinfo page but which are still public in some way. Always use search engines and the CDX API to find them before archiving.

Some sites only have private archives, so check beforehand, otherwise you may be surprised when the job completes quickly.

Some sites support multiple domains and it can be hard to find out which domain the archives live on, so check that out beforehand.

Some sites are very slow or sensitive to fast archiving, but most will tolerate the ArchiveBot defaults or faster.

Some lists have public per-user options pages that are just a login page, ignore them using this:

!ignore $job /options/.+

The URL structure for pipermail archives means that it is usually easy to create ignores that prevent re-archiving years already saved by ArchiveBot:

!ignore $job /pipermail/[^/]+/(2019|2018|...)-


Other URL lists

The Internet infrastructure community uses lots of mailman lists and the page about them documents some of the lists.

Not yet archived

Move URLs to the next section when done. (no version info) (geofencing) (no version info) (no version info) (no version info) (no version info) (no version info) (no version info) (no version info) (doesn't show ffmpeg lists, see next link) (also under (no version info) (no version info) (no version info) (duplicate of previous one) (shut down already, just archives) (shut down already, just archives) (partial duplicate of next one) (no version info) (not mailman but site looks ancient, might be dupe of next one)


Move URLs here when they are started/done. (required save page now, as it did not like any of ArchiveBot's IP addresses (probably restricted to USA)) (only one, private archive) (still active as of 2024-04-20) (still active as of 2024-04-21) (moved to custom software as of 2024-05-01, old archives available via; grabbing required extra work (DONE); list index:; archives at:$list-name/) (no public archives as of 2024-05-03) (no lists as of 2024-05-03) (all archives private as of 2024-05-03) (saved on 2024-05-03) (saved on 2023-05-27) (moved to (postorius); historical archives at; both saved on 2024-05-03) (mailman saved on 2024-05-04, but no lists are there) (moved to; saved on 2024-05-04) (saved on 2024-05-04) (saved via and on 2024-05-04) (saved via on 2024-05-04) (saved on 2024-05-04; no public lists) (saved on 2024-04-05 via (saved on 2024-05-04; archives not accessible) (saved on 2024-05-04; only some archives accessible) (moved to; saved on 2024-05-09) (saved on 2024-05-09) (moved to; saved on 2024-05-09) (saved on 2024-05-10; no public lists or archives) (archived with on 2024-05-10) (archived as part of on 2024-05-10) (archived as part of and still active on 2024-05-18)


These instances were shut down before we got to them. (last seen 2022-08-13, replaced by as of 2023-12-11) (last seen 2023-11-08, redirecting to the ACOG homepage as of 2023-12-11) (last seen July 2018, nginx default page in 2020/21, timing out as of 2023-12-11) (last seen 2015-02-23, timing out as of 2023-12-11) (last seen 2022-01-26, 404 as of 2023-12-11) (404 as of 2024-04-17; exists but has no public lists; also 404 as of 2024-04-17) (last seen 2016-07-30; could not resolve host as of 2024-04-20) ("The list archives are unavailable. We appologize for the inconvenience." as of 2024-04-21) (saved on 2014-12-29; replaced by Postorious+Hyperkitty -> saved on 2024-04-21; still active as of 2024-04-21) (domain does not respond as of 2024-05-03) (domain redirects to as of 2024-05-03) (domain does not respond as of 2024-05-03) (last seen 2011; does not exist as of 2024-05-05) (last seen 2004; whole domain seems inactive as of 2024-05-09) (last seen 2022; replaced by Postorius at as of 2024-05-09) (last seen 2023; seems abandoned; infested by spam as of 2024-05-09) (last seen 2022; seems abandoned; unavailable as of 2024-05-09) (never captured in WBM; (www.) saved in 2023) (last seen 2011; timing out as of 2024-05-10) ( last seen 2021; replaced by forum in 2024; archives exist at but seems broken; unavailable as of 2024-05-10) (last seen 2020; timing out as of 2024-05-10) (last seen 2018; 404 as of 2024-05-18) (moved to Sympa/Mhonarc at with old archives as of 2024-05-18 (requires JS))