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Madden GIFERATOR logo
Status Offline
Archiving status Saved!
Archiving type Unknown
Project source madden-giferator-grab, madden-giferator-items
Project tracker madden-giferator
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #jiferator (on EFnet))
Data[how to use] archiveteam_madden

Madden GIFERATOR is a promotional site for the video game Madden 15, allowing people to create (often humorously) captioned GIFs of football players from the game.

Vital signs

Seems to be stable for now, but as with many promotional sites, it's likely not going to stay for too long (especially when considering that it's promoting Madden '15, whose series has yearly instalments).

Site structure

As of March 23, 2015, there are 454,831 items.

Scraped URLs

Scraped URLs can be found here.


Archives of every item up to 454831 were made on March 20-23, 2015. They are currently being uploaded here.