MS Paint Fan Adventures

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Stub to write down notes about project in progress

Archiving the contents of - uses a JS app to read text-based stories with embedded images and Flash content. Often link to YouTube alternates for flashes.

Custom archiver code is at . Giant tangled mess of Go scripts.

Contact @riking to get upload permissions for the Archive collection

Work Division


Archiver: riking

Stage: Initial archiving

Problematic story IDs:

(note: this table should not be taken as an example, it's translated from my bad notes)

Story ID Status Problems
1 Yes Single failed Photobucket URL.
4 Yes Photobucket
12 Yes Photobucket
14 Yes 404s
17 No Dead domain:
19 Mostly OK broken URL:
21 No 404s
22 No broken URL
24 No Photobucket
25 No 404s
26 No 404s: imageshack
33 No Dead domain:
35 No broken URL
45 No 404s
46 No Dead domain: myfrogbag
48 No 404s: imageshack
53 No Dead domain:
55 No 404s: imageshack
59 No Photobucket
61 No 404s
63 No 404s
66 No Dead domain: myfrogbag
67 No 404s: photobucket
76 No 404s: photobucket
77 No 404s: imageshack
78 No 404s: imageshack
81 No Dead domain: TBD
87 No 404s; Pulling HTML pages
89 Yes 404s: imageshack
93 No Dead domain: TBD
104 No Dead domain: suspended webhost
106 No Dead domain: TBD
108 No 404s: imagebin
109 No 404s; Dead domain
111 No 404s: imageshack
135 No 404s: photobucket
158 No 404s
160 Yes 404s: imageshack
227 No uses blob: urls??
241 No Dropbox public folder
263 No HTML: imageshack homepage
270 No Dropbox public folder
277 No Dead domain:
285 No HTML
307 No 404s
308 No 404s
314 No Dead domain:
319 No Dropbox public folder
323 No
325 No Dead domain:
331 No Dropbox public folder
339 Mostly OK A Single Photobucket BWE
341 No Dropbox public folder
728 No Dropbox public folder