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Lycos Europe have "decided to discontinue all unprofitable activities". This means a substantial chunk of their user-content sphere, including:

"" used above for convenience, but the same goes for hosted content across seven or eight countries: UK (, France (.fr), Germany (.de), Netherlands (.nl), Spain (.es), Italy (.it), Denmark (.dk), Switzerland (.ch) (?) or Austria (.at).

Though perhaps they are keeping:

This is AOL Hometown all over again, but now we have a few weeks to work with.

Tripod pages should be first priority: small files, high uniqueness. Then Jubii hosted files, if we can find them. Then Fotomania and Jubii TV.

Not much we can do for the emails. But a bit.

Backup Tools

  • Email: Lycos are providing a software tool that communicates with their mail servers and downloads your stuff. Requires Outlook. [4]
  • Jubii TV - Cunning use of wget will probably work.
  • Hosted sites - wget, if you can figure out where to point it.

Vital Signs

On death row. Deadline: February 14 2009.

Who's Working On It?

Teaspoon - is spidering the directories and search engines for Tripod urls.