Kickstarter Prizes

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Just dreaming up some ideas for the kickstarter prizes.

Prizes where something is sent to you

  • Makerbot
    • Something made with a makerbot
  • Internet Archive has a lot of swag like Hats, Shirts, Glasses.
  • Single issues of low-value but interesting vintage computing/hacking/electronics/science magazines
  • Physical personalized IA "library cards"
  • Old HDs from real petaboxes signed by Brewster and the rest of the board. We have tons of older 40-500GB drives laying here as well as stacks and stacks in RWC that are just chilling and don't have a use.

Prizes of a more Ethereal nature

  • Phone call with person of prominence
  • Tutorial/instruction/Q&A with person

Prizes where "you have to travel to get them".

  • Tour of the Internet Archive
  • Dinner with people

Actually Offered Prizes

  • Robb Sherwin has offered 10 hard copies of his game "Fallacy of Dawn".

Prizes that are not destined to happen:

  • Name a server at the IA (IA is not into that sort of thing.)