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Iwata Asks was a website by Nintendo that had interviews by former CEO of Nintendo, Saturo Iwata. The interviews were about various Nintendo products.


The website relies on JavaScript for showing the interviews, but after some trial and error (mainly with the Firefox network inspector) User:TheTechRobo found how to get at the raw XML data. You take an interview URL, such as https://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/ds/dsi/0/0. Then, remove the volume and chapter markers (in this case, they are both 0). That leaves you with https://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/ds/dsi. Replace everything before the category and name (in this case "ds" and "dsi", respectively) with https://iwataasks.nintendo.com/_ui/xml/. That would leave you with https://iwataasks.nintendo.com/_ui/xml/ds/dsi.xml. You can get other languages with https://iwataasks.nintendo.com/_ui/xml/ds/xx/dsi.xml. AFAIK, the only two available ones are es and fr.