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Issuu is an electronic publishing platform.

2023 free account limits change

On 2022-12-20, Issuu changed their pricing page to reduce the limits of free accounts from 500 pages and 100 MB[1] per upload to 50 pages and 50 MB[2]. Sometime later, they sent an email to existing users that the new limits would be enforced from 2023-02-23, rendering existing publications exceeding the limits inaccessible to readers[3]:

This notice is to inform you that we are changing the features of our free Basic plan, which will start being enforced on February 23, 2023, as follows:

  • File size limit: Individual publications will be limited to 50 MB
  • Page limit: Individual publications will be limited to 50 pages
  • Availability: Publications can no longer be unlisted

Starting on February 23, 2023, any existing publication that exceeds any of the above limits will continue to be hosted on Issuu but not accessible to readers.

Historical notes

These notes date back to 2014 and are likely no longer relevant but kept for historical purposes. Data Model

 Username :
 # This is the account
 Document Name: 49.02
 # This is the publication name
 Document ID: 141007194746-7819f25a55f483150eb9462df2f4be34
 # This is the URL component for a specific document API

  • uses a Flash viewer to stream JPEGS, but the iPhone App has access to the full pdfs
  • API URLs
 # Request PDF information for a given username and document name 49.02:
 # reveals all of the pdfUrls for each page of that issue, e.g. :
 # "pdfUrl": ""
 # NOTE: the covers are not pdfs, they are jpegs, and have null pdfUrl fields:
 # "jpgUrl": ""
 # Request Document ID for a given username and document name:
  # "documentId":"141007194746-7819f25a55f483150eb9462df2f4be34",
 # Better s3 bucket URL for full original PDFs based on document ID
 # not sure how to generate the signature though-- little help?

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