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The Internet forum problem refers to the problem that traditional Internet forums are dying rapidly.

Social media sites have been displacing Internet forums.

Reasons include:

  • Social media sites like Reddit and Facebook Groups could aggregate content from multiple discussion groups.
  • Social media sites provide a single log-in.
  • Social media sites already have a larger userbase. It's easier to obtain traffic for a new subforum on a social media site.
  • Traditional Internet forums have software that is often not up-to-date.
  • On social media sites, users are able share material across different areas of the site without worrying about copyright infrigement. Examples:
    • Flickr allows users to repost images from any user account to any of Flickr's groups (which include Flickr's own discussion forums). In contrast, if a third-party discussion forum reposts any of Flickr's images on its own site, then this might be copyright infringement. Third-party forums do not have the benefit of reusing Flickr's images without violating copyright laws.
    • Similarly, users could repost any image found on Facebook to any Facebook Group without worrying about copyright infringement. In contrast, if any traditional forum reuses any image found on Facebook, then this might be copyright infrigement. Unlike Facebook Groups, traditional forums don't have the benefit of reusing any image found on Facebook without violating copyright laws.

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