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***{{IA id|alexa_1999}}: 2
***{{IA id|alexa_1999}}: 2
***{{IA id|alexa_2008}}: 1
***{{IA id|alexa_2008}}: 1
**{{IA id|partner_crawls}}:  
** partner_crawls (repeat, see above):
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4399}}: 42
*** ''repeated contents elided''
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4259}}: 23
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-3499}}: 21
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-1193}}: 21
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-3336}}: 18
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4692}}: 14
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-1000000015}}: 5
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4722}}: 3
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4363}}: 3
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-2968}}: 3
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4730}}: 2
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4725}}: 2
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4721}}: 2
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-261}}: 2
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-1986}}: 2
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-1894}}: 2
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4718}}: 1
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4708}}: 1
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-4644}}: 1
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-3784}}: 1
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-3697}}: 1
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-3373}}: 1
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-2176}}: 1
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-2114}}: 1
***{{IA id|ait-collection-id-1996}}: 1
**{{IA id|archiveitdigitalcollection}}:  
**{{IA id|archiveitdigitalcollection}}:  
***{{IA id|ArchiveIt-Partner-160}}: 325
***{{IA id|ArchiveIt-Partner-160}}: 325

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As of the Jan 2016 recheck of the identifiers included in the original (March 2015) IA census, these are all the collections that contain other collections. The numbers after them are the number of leaf collections in each one.

The substantive content of many of these collections is not available for direct public download, although the identifier and file names (and hashes) are.