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Assorted mentions of the Archive Team in major media, in descending chronological order:

ArchiveTeam Works Hard to Avert isoHunt Data Massacre
Ernesto, TorrentFreak, 2013-10-20
Cyfrowi archeolodzy WWW
Hieronim Walicki,, 2013-06-18
And the Winner Is… Announcing the 2013 NDSA Innovation Award Winners
Trevor Owens, The Signal, Library of Congress, 2013-06-11
Archive Team: los superhéroes que evitan que las webs caigan en el olvido
Alvaro Ibanez,, 2013-05-27. (Rough translation: Archive Team: superheroes that prevent us from falling into oblivion.)
Want To Help Archive Before Yahoo Shuts It Down? Try This.
Sarah Perez, TechCrunch, 2013-04-22
Jason Scott's Archive Team Is Saving The Web From Itself (And Rescuing Your Stuff)
Bianca Bosker, The Huffington Post, 2013-03-27
Archive Team races to preserve Posterous before it goes dark
Kris Holt, The Daily Dot, 2013-03-13
The Archive Team finishes downloading all 272 terabytes of MobileMe and .Mac for posterity
Matthew Panzarino, The Next Web, 2012-06-26
The 'Archive Team' Rescues User Content From Doomed Sites
Mark Sullivan, PCWorld, 2012-04-12
Historic Archive Of Websites From The January 18th SOPA Blackout
Mike Masnick, Techdirt, 2012-04-12
The Archive Team
On the Media, 2012-03-23. Backstory by Jason.
The Archive Team
BBC Click, 2012-03-06
The Archive Team
This Way Up, Radio New Zealand 2012-03-03
Fire in the Library
Matt Schwartz, MIT Technology Review, 2011-12-20
Digital legacy: Amateur heroes of online heritage
Sumit Paul-Choudhury, New Scientist, 2011-06-05
Full Interview: Jason Scott on online video and digital heritage
Nora Young, Spark,, 2011-04-29
Archivists step in as Google Video shuts down for good
Mark Brown, Wired, 2011-04-18
Coming Soon: 900GB Torrent Of (Mostly) Every Geocities Web Site Ever
Nicholas Deleon, TechCrunch, 2010-10-29
Archiving GeoCities: my full interview with Jason Scott
Dan Misener, 2010-09-29
Web 0.2 archivists save Geocities from deletion
Austin Modine, The Register, 2009-04-28