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This list will be updated when complete, for now you can view uploads here.
This list will be updated when complete, for now you can view uploads here.


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Uploading In Progress
Uploading In Progress


==See Also==
==See Also==

* [[UC Berkeley Course Captures#iTunes U]] (2017)
* [[UC Berkeley Course Captures#iTunes U]] (2017)

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In May 2007, Apple announced the launch of iTunes U via the iTunes Store, which delivers university lectures from top U.S. colleges. With iTunes version 12.7 in August 2017, iTunes U collections became a part of the Podcasts app.

On 10 June 2020, Apple formally announced that iTunes U will be discontinued from the end of 2021


There are three main branches of iTunes U which are:

  • Beyond Campus
  • K12
  • University

Each has a list of institutions, each institution can have many courses. It is common for courses in the same institution to share files with other courses in the same institution.


The following URL can garner more meta details for organizing, this is the URL used by iTunes U app but requires you to subscribe to the course, then use the cookie to request and get the meta.


User Agent

In some cases if you want to pull data from iTunes links you can set the following user agent in your request.

"user-agent", "iTunesU/3.8 iOS/13.3 model/iPad6,7 hwp/s8001 build/17C54 (5; dt:111) iTunesU/3.8"

Archiving Status

Example course uploaded to IA, the course is called "Addressing Learning Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom" from "Alberta Teachers Association".


Each upload contains a meta file for the course, in this example. addressing_learning_disabilities_in_the_inclusive_classroom.json which contains all the meta for course description, file descriptions and course content.

Beyond Campus

All Beyond Campus has been uploaded to IA.

Beyond Campus has 85 institutions and is the smallest subset of the three, it has been fully archived as of 20/11/2020, total size roughly is 750GB.

This list will be updated when complete, for now you can view uploads here.


Institution Archive Link
Academy of Achievement Archive
Alberta Teachers' Association Archive
Apple Distinguished Educators Archive
Art Gallery of New South Wales Archive
ASCD Archive
ASCO University Archive
AsLiCo - Opera Education Archive
Assembly of First Nations Archive
Australian National Maritime Museum Archive
Australian Science Teachers Association Archive
Australian War Memorial Archive
BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT Archive
Bibliothèque nationale de France Archive
British Film Institute Archive
Brookings Institution Archive
California Academy of Sciences Archive
CalStateTEACH Archive
Centro Nacional de las Artes Archive
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Archive
Council of Chief State School Officers - CCSSO Archive
Cyber Safe Kids Archive
Department of Veterans' Affairs Archive
Distance Learning Information Technology(DLIT) Archive
E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Archive
EBS Archive
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Archive
Europeana Archive
Fundación Mejor Planeta Archive
Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego Archive
Georgia Governor's Office of Student Achievement Archive
Grand Palais - Réunion des Musées Nationaux Archive
Gruppo Italiano Frattura (IGF) Archive
Harvard University Archive
Historica Canada Archive
IDRV Institute of Design Research Vienna Archive
iKeepSafe Archive
Illinois Vision 2020 Archive
Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy Archive
International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific Archive
International Spy Museum Archive
iSchool Africa Archive
KQED Archive
Law Society of Ireland Archive
La Cinémathèque de Toulouse Archive
LEGO® Education Archive
Library and Archives Canada Archive
LSO Discovery Archive
MaRS Discovery District Archive
MoneyMuseum Archive
Museo Guggenheim Bilbao Archive
Museo Tamayo Archive
Museum Sydøstdanmark Archive
NASA Academy of ProgramProject and Engineering Leadership Archive
National Archives and Records Administration Archive
National Humanities Center Archive
National Library of New Zealand Archive
National Theatre Archive
Nobel Biocare Archive
Ohio Department Of Youth Services Archive
Olimpiada Artystyczna Archive
Ontario Science Centre Archive
PBS NewsHour Archive
Polar Bears International Archive
Research Institute For Humanity And Nature (総合地球環境学研究所) Archive
RiAus – Australia’s Science Channel Archive
Royal Ontario Museum Archive
Signum University Archive
Smithsonian Institution Archive
Smithsonian Libraries Archive
Southern Regional Education Board Archive
Stiftung Entrepreneurship Archive
Sätraskolan Stockholms Stad Archive
The ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language Archive
The Aspen Ideas Festival Archive
The New Media Consortium Archive
The Ohio Academy of Science Archive
The Saylor Foundation Archive
UNESCO Archive
United Cerebral Palsy Archive
一般社団法人デジタル表現研究会 Archive


Uploading In Progress


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