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What's this, then?

Auguste, BlueMax and Dr-Spangle are currently scraping IRC quote databases (e.g. If you can help out or suggest other quote databases to scrape, please join them in #bashup.

Project Hosting

Auguste is currently hosting scrapes here. Everybody is encouraged to help mirror.

Helping Out

Scraping doesn't take a lot of work; the QDBs are all more or less the same. You only need to write one script, then make a few changes to adapt it to any other QDB you want to scrape. The actual scraping process should easily take under 10 minutes.

If you do want to help with the scraping, please follow the existing scrape format:

  • Each quote has its own file
  • Each file is named 'n.txt', where 'n' is the quote's ID number
  • All quotes should be compressed into an archive
  • The archive name should identify the original location and date of scraping (e.g. ' Quote Collection 2011-04-04.7z', or 'DOMAIN.TLD Quote Collection YYYY-MM-DD.EXT')

Project Status

Database Has been scraped Scraper Notes Yes Dr-Spangle The quote database that pretty much created all others. No The unofficial ArchiveTeam QDB. I'll have the server automatically save these somewhere. --Auguste 13:36, 7 April 2011 (UTC) Yes Auguste Yes Auguste The Furcadia quote database Yes Auguste The MIT quote database Yes Auguste Yes Auguste Yes Auguste The quote database Yes Auguste Quotes are in Swedish Yes Auguste The Worms quote database Yes Auguste The xkcd quote database