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IRC log sites can sometimes disappear, move or stop logging and are good sources of outlinks, so are worth archiving.


When doing IRC archiving, please link to this page for the explanation.


Searching for URLs containing strings output by IRC logging software in web search engines helps. If you find new strings, please add them below. If you find log sites, please add them below too.

Searching for the word "log" in IRC channel topics and on-entry messages can find many of these.


IRC log sites generally work well in ArchiveBot. Often they can be strange in some way, so scout them with search engines beforehand.

IRC log sites sometimes produce only plain text files, which ArchiveBot cannot extract outlinks from. So after the job has finished, you will need to download all the WARCs and manually extract URLs from the plain text downloads.

IRC log sites sometimes have the front page for one channel, but other channels are under unlinked subfolders. Sometimes search engines and other URL discovery can find those other channels.

The URL structure for IRC log archives usually means that it is usually easy to create ignores that prevent re-archiving years already saved by ArchiveBot, you can document them here for the different types of IRC logging software:


To be investigated

Not yet archived

Move URLs to the next section when done.


Move URLs here when they are started/done.