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Line 107: Line 107:
| seed_videos_2_m || 24,465 || Jade Falcon || balrog running in reverse
| seed_videos_2_m || 24,465 || Jade Falcon || balrog running in reverse
| seed_videos_2_o || 25,049 || travelinlibrarian || [http://gv.nja.im/index.php?dir=seed_videos_2_o Split]<br />
| seed_videos_2_o || 25,049 || travelinlibrarian || [http://gv.nja.im/index.php?dir=seed_videos_2_o Split] 51 chunks of 500<br />
travelinlibrarian 9/500
travelinlibrarian 9/500
Please help by working on the rest of the list.
Please help by working on the rest of the list.
Line 116: Line 116:
| seed_videos_2_q || 17,727 || DoubleJ ||  
| seed_videos_2_q || 17,727 || DoubleJ ||  
| seed_videos_2_t || 25,301 ||  ||  
| seed_videos_2_t || 25,301 ||  || [http://gv.nja.im/index.php?dir=seed_videos_2_t Split] 51 chunks of 500
| seed_videos_2_u || 23,528 || barbich ||  
| seed_videos_2_u || 23,528 || barbich ||  

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Google Video
Video logo lg.gif
URL http://video.google.com
Status Closing in 2011-04-29[1]
Archiving status In progress...
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

Google Video is a video sharing website which is shutting down.

If you want to save your own videos, see the announcement and tools below.

If you want to help archive Google Video, get some Linux machines running and join us in IRC (EFNet #archiveteam / #googlegrape)

Joining the archival effort

The automatic scripts only work on FreeBSD, Linux, and maybe OS X. They also seem to work fine in Cygwin. Alternatively, you can run *nix in a virtual machine (given you have a fast enough machine).

To help scrape videos

First of all, please add your name/nickname to this list, along with the storage and bandwidth you have available.

  • Download youtube-dl or from your distribution.
    • Make sure it's marked executable: chmod +x youtube-dl
  • Download and install wget for your distribution
  • Download googlegargle (Norc's updated, dupe-safe version of googlegargle is here.)
  • Get aria2 from your distribution (or if you're on Mac OS X, MacPorts) or SourceForge
  • Pick a seed list from below, save it under the filename "list" and add your name to the list (you will need a wiki account)
  • Change the first few lines of the googlegargle script to reflect your installation
    • If you're using youtube-dl from your distro, run "which youtube-dl" or "sudo updatedb; locate youtube-dl" to find the location of the command. Change DLSCRIPT to this.
  • For older aria versions, some options need to be removed (--max-connection-per-server=16 --min-split-size=1M)
    • You might need to upgrade your version from your system package manager, however the most recent version still may not suffice.
  • Change the ARIA variable in the script to the location of your ARIA executable. Usually (ubuntu) at /usr/bin/aria2c, change ARIA variable to this.
    • To know where aria2 is located you can use either of these commands:
      • "sudo updatedb; locate aria2"
      • "which aria2" / "which aria2c"
  • Invoke googlegargle
  • Check with your OS settings to insure that your computer will not auto suspend or sleep after long periods of time.

Join the IRC channel to coordinate!

To help index videos (low bandwidth/storage)

Note: This will only work on Linux machines with X running – you can’t run it on headless servers due to phantomjs requirements.

  • Get and build phantomjs (a headless web browser) by install build-essential, git, libqtwebkit4 and libqtwebkit-dev if necessary by issuing the command:
sudo apt-get install build-essential git libqtwebkit4 libqtwebkit-dev
  • Create a directory called phantomjs then in the terminal go into your new directory and run the following command to get the phantomjs source code:
git clone https://github.com/ariya/phantomjs.git
  • Build phantomjs by issuing the command:
qmake && make
  • Move the phantomjs binary somewhere in your path by issuing the command:
cd bin && sudo mv ./phantomjs /usr/bin
  • Extract the above downloaded file (Right-click and Extract To.. or use tar -zxvf ./google_video_related.tar.gz)
  • In a terminal, navigate to the folder where you extracted the google_video_related file (above) and run the following command to help scrape Google Video:
while : ; do ./related.sh ; done

That's it! Simply leave the script running, and head on over to #ggtesting on EFnet (IRC) if you need any assistance or in case the script has any issues. The script will contact the server to get a page to index the related video links, do that indexing, send back the results and repeat! It takes very little processing and bandwidth on your end (a couple of kb/sec, if that).

Cherry picking

The seed files do currently not include all videos, so you might want to save precious videos explicitely. To do that, add IDs (docid URL parameter of the Google Video) to the "list" file in the same directory as the script, for example:


and start ./googlegargle

To request a cherrypick, add it to this list: http://piratepad.net/gvspecificrequests

If you download something from that list, add its docid to http://piratepad.net/TL7KDN8821 so that others won't download those videos for the second time.

Custom keyword searches

If you want to grab videos by your own custom keyword search term, you can use this command:

SEARCH='my+search+term';for i in `seq 0 10 990 `;do curl -A "AT, Bitches" "http://www.google.com/search?q=$SEARCH+site:video.google.com&hl=en&safe=off&tbm=vid&start=$i&sa=N"|grep -o "docid=[0-9-]*"|tee -a seed_videos_$SEARCH;done

Change "my+search+term" to your search term, and remember to use a plus sign instead of spaces (or url encode the text for other special characters).

Since we want to minimize overlap, here are some search terms that are already in progress of being downloaded (and the user who downloads them):

  • Darkstar: "rare", "vintage", "commercial"
  • NomDuClavier: "douglas adams", "richard dawkins", "charles darwin"
  • oli: "australia history"
  • dnova: "microelectronics"

Seed List Downloads

Seed list Videos (lines) Downloader Complete? (Size?)
seed_videos_2_a 25,761 swebb 8.6G (4/17/2011)
seed_videos_2_k 24,242 Lightblb, ARc[Clone, crackbab1 Split into 49 chunks of 500 http://notatypewriter.com/googlegargle/

Lightblb: 1/49 2/49 3/49 4/49
crackbab1: 5/49
ARc[Clone: 47/49 (bu) 48/49 49/49

seed_videos_2_l 22,641 ndurner 71
seed_videos_2_m 24,465 Jade Falcon balrog running in reverse
seed_videos_2_o 25,049 travelinlibrarian Split 51 chunks of 500

travelinlibrarian 9/500 Please help by working on the rest of the list.

seed_videos_2_p 23,713 oli 4%

I'll need help. Will figure out how soon...

seed_videos_2_q 17,727 DoubleJ
seed_videos_2_t 25,301 Split 51 chunks of 500
seed_videos_2_u 23,528 barbich
seed_videos_2_w 21,732 nickmoorman
seed_videos_2_x 19,733 ksh 2016/19733
seed_videos_2_y 20,965 negge 64G done
seed_videos_2_z 18,877 flare
seed_videos_a 1000 Dr.Sweety
seed_videos_a_related This list contain errors Dr.Sweety
seed_videos_b 999 bjwebb
seed_videos_c 981 dnova 248/981
seed_videos_d 999 nomduclav 266/1000
seed_videos_e 999 nomduclav 153/992
seed_videos_f 999 DoubleJ Done (25GB)
seed_videos_g 999 dnova 128/999
seed_videos_h 999 ARc[Clone In Progress (have 526/999)
seed_videos_i 999 DeCarabas 466/999
seed_videos_j 999 joethehum 567/1000 (18.7 GB)
seed_videos_k 999 aggroskater In Progress [line 219]
seed_videos_l 999 yipdw 264/999 (20 GB)
seed_videos_m 999 TJ__ In Progress [line 887]
seed_videos_n 999 ndurner Done (38 GB)
seed_videos_o 999 com_lab
seed_videos_p 999 Pneu
seed_videos_q 996 nomduclavier Done (~24Gb)
seed_videos_r 996 Pentium
seed_videos_s 999 Pentium
seed_videos_t 999 joethehum 458/1000 (16.4 GB)
seed_videos_u 999 perfinion, 0xDEADBEEF, norc 39/1000
seed_videos_v 999 masterme1 162/999 (~11GB)
seed_videos_w 1000 com_lab Done (~5.7GB)
seed_videos_x 1000 Dark-Star Done (~33GB)
seed_videos_y 1000 beremat 233/1000, (~19GB)
seed_videos_z 1000 ksh Done (27GB)
Total 323,996 Archive Team In progress...

Broken DocIDs

DocID Title list
-4313176927520589553 Ferrari 320 km/h SelMcKenzie seed_videos_h
710915802292429594 Triple H-Best Pedigree Ever seed_videos_h
919675995190477263 404s seed_videos_h
-7433458566080701467 404s seed_videos_2_k
7476314005948269525 Tan Tay Du Ky 2 tap 1 phan 2 seed_videos_2_k



DocID scripts


Aria2c (APT)

Aria2c (RPM)

Fedora and CentOS have RPMs available.

  • yum install aria2


  • /usr/bin/aria2c: unrecognized option '--max-connection-per-server=16'
    • The Aria version available in many linux distributions is not up to date and will throw errors.
    • To fix this remove the option from the goooglegargle script line starting with "ARIAOPTIONS="
  • User 'negge' on IRC reports the following ARIA command line works for Debian Squeeze
    • --max-overall-download-limit=1024M --file-allocation=falloc --max-connection-per-server=4 --min-split-size=1M --log-level=notice --remote-time=true


  • Is there any estimate on how many videos are on Google Video?
    • Wikipedia said it has 2,500,000 videos, a semi-official Google blog mentioned 2.8M
  • Is there anything about grabbing metadata for vids? like descriptions?
    • Googlegrape does that, it saves the html of the video download page
  • What happens to the data after you claim a seed on the wiki and download it?
    • We've got 100TB of space allocated to us on archive.org, and can get more
  • Is there already some space where it can be uploaded to?
    • Not yet, the effort is still young and things take time to organize.
  • How can I split seed files if I want to download fewer videos or share the task with others?
    • On *nix machines use: split --lines=500 [seedfile] [seedfile] to create a set of files each 500 lines in length in the form seedfileaa seedfileab ... etc.
  • How can I check if there are duplicates in a seed file?
    • On *nix machines use: sort [infile] | uniq -d to show all duplicates.
  • How can I remove duplicates from a seed file before I start to use it?
    • On *nix machines use: sort [infile] | uniq -u > [outfile] to produce a new seed file with duplicates removed.

Announcement: Uploaded video content no longer available

On April 29, 2011 videos that have been uploaded to Google Video will no longer be available for playback. We’ve added a Download button to the Video Status page, so you can download videos that you want to save. If you don’t want to download your videos, you don’t need to do anything. (The Download feature will be disabled after May 13, 2011.)

How do I download videos that I've uploaded?

On the Video Status page, click Download Video located on the right side of each of your videos in the "Actions" column.Once a video has been downloaded, an "Already Downloaded" message will appear. If you have many videos on Google Video, you may need to use the paging controls located on the bottom right of the page to access them all. This download option will be available through May 13, 2011.

I've downloaded my videos. Now what do I do with these FLV files?

FLV files are videos that have been encoded in the Flash Video Format. You can upload your videos in FLV format to other video hosting sites like YouTube or Picassa Web Albums. If you would like to playback your videos on your computer and they don’t seem to be working, you might need to install an FLV player. In order to find an FLV player to install, try doing a Google search for [ FLV player ].

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