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Status Online!
Archiving status Partially saved
Archiving type Unknown
Project source gfycat-grab
Project tracker gfycat
IRC channel #deadcat (on hackint)

Gfycat is a user-generated content short video hosting company founded by Richard Rabbat, Dan McEleney, and Jeff Harris. It was a pioneer of the video alternative to GIF.


On 2019/11/5 they announced on Twitter and Reddit that they are removing some content on 2019/11/18.

On 2019/11/6 the Archive Team Warrior begone the big task of saving the content from Gfycat this was concluded on 2019/11/22 and provided data amount of 18 TB (17864 GB) saved by the archive team

Legal Threats

  • Dan McEleney accused ArchiveTeam of a DDoS attack and threatened with legal action on 2019/11/7.