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``Friendster`` is an early social networking site which announced on April 25th, 2011 that most of the user-generated content on the site would be deleted on May 31st, 2011. It's estimated that Friendster has over 115 million registered users.

Site Organization

Content on Friendster seems to be primarily organized by the id number of the users, which were sequentially assigned starting at 1. This will make it fairly easy for wget to scrape the site and for us to break it up into convenient work units. The main components we need to scrape are the profile pages, photo albums and blogs, but there may be others. More research is needed


Urls of the form '<userid>'. Many pictures on these pages are hosted on urls that look like '<lk>/<ji>/nnnnnijkl/<imageid>.jpg', but these folders aren't browsable directly. Profiles will be easy to scrape with wget.

Photo Albums

A user's photo albums are at urls that look like '<userid>' with individual albums at '<album id>&uid=<userid>'. It appears that the individual photo pages use javascript to load the images, so they will be very hard to scrape.



How to help

Scrape profiles

Claim a chunk of profiles and use the following wget command to mirror them: