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Star Wars Home Forum Homepage
Star Wars Home Forum Homepage
Status Offline 2011-06-03 10:10 AM PDT
Archiving status Saved!
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
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Forums.StarWars.Com Shutdown

StarWars.Com announced the closure of their forums on 03 June 2011. (Forum will lock on 3rd May 2011) tf.n report

"The forums have been online since October 2001 and have featured conversations with various Star Wars VIPs. Lucas Licensing's Sue Rostoni had an ongoing dialog with Del Rey customers where she responded to fan questions and concerns. The forums received a facelift in July 2010 that gave users several new features."

Closure Update :

"Update: Due to a forums outage over the weekend of April 22-24th, we've extended the time before the forums will be locked into read-only mode. The new date for that is Tuesday, May 3rd."

ArchiveStrikesBack on IRC

Project coordination was in #archivestrikesback (on EFnet) (abandoned). Preliminary discussion happened in #archivewars (on EFnet) (abandoned).

Preliminary Project Scope

Main Page Types and Preliminary Counts
Page Type File Name Preliminary Count Estimate
Announcements : ann.jspa?annID=# Uncertain (probably under 10)
Category : category.jspa?categoryID=#
(## = 0, 15, 30, 45, etc.)
1 thru 20 each with multiple start values
Forum : forum.jspa?forumID=#
1 thru ~193 (don't seem to be sequential)
3,500 estimate (One page for every 15 threads)
[Highly used forumID=61 has at least 1102 pages start=16515]
Messages : message.jspa?messageID=# ~2 million : according to stats on main forum page
[quick scrap found a high value of 17965717]
Profiles : profile.jspa?userID=# ???? : quick scrape found a high value of 9782310
[Seem to be sequential. Earlier # have earlier creation date]
[Random numbers do find blank error-500.jsp pages]
RSS : rss.jspa?feed=rss%2Frssmessages.jspa?forumID=# [Please confirm if these are scrape worthy]
Tag : tag.jspa?tagName=__NAME__ ???? : Quantity Unknown
[Main Star Wars terms each have their own __NAME__ tag]
Thread Message : thread.jspa?messageID=# ???? : quick scrape found a high value of 17966647
[Similar to 'message'. Maybe redundant.]
Thread Thread : thread.jspa?threadID=# 50,574 according to stats of main forum page
???? : quick scrape found a high value of 275287
Other : Folder 'dwf', 'resources' & 'scripts' have JavaScript (.js)
Folders 'images' & 'share' have .gifs
File types 'index' and a few other misc. types
Note: these are the main categories found from a quick scrape.
Possible repetition : File type 'messages' might be the same as 'thread message'

Profile Download Sheet

--It's better to use the automated script if possible, which I'll put up sometime today. :) Underscor 10:54, 11 May 2011 (UTC)

ArchiveStrikesBack members to aid in the final archive production, please list the .tar/gz/zip collections which were uploaded to the project FTP site. Thanks.

Archive Name Archive Type Size (Compressed) Size (Uncompressed) # of Profiles Volunteer
archivewars.tar.gz tar.gz 822MB 42GB 4,145,442 oli
p1900000-none295 .zip 3.5MB 12.2MB 1,022 none295
p2000000-none295 .zip 34.4MB 117.3MB 9,633 none295
p2100000-none295 .zip 41.7MB 146.7MB 12,220 none295
p2200000-none295 .zip 39.7MB 139.6MB 11,996 none295
p2300000-none295 .zip 41.5MB 146.2MB 12,136 none295
p2400000-none295 .zip 37.1MB 130.2MB 11,359 none295
p2500000-none295 .zip 36.1MB 126.6MB 11,351 none295
p2600000-none295 .zip 36.0MB 126.5MB 10,845 none295
p2700000-none295 .zip 73.4MB 257.3MB 22,964 none295
p2800000-none295 .zip 74.6MB 260.6MB 24,777 none295
p2900000-none295 .zip 78.2MB 273MB 26,001 none295
p3000000-none295 .zip 80.9MB 284.1MB 24,761 none295
p3100000-none295 .zip 94.2MB 331.6MB 27,500 none295
p3200000-none295 .zip 120.1MB 422.4MB 32,252 none295
p3300000-none295 .zip 110.9MB 389.7MB 32,457 none295
p3400000-none295 .zip 106.9MB 375.7MB 31,362 none295
p3500000-none295 .zip 147.2MB 517.7MB 43,148 none295
p3600000-none295 .zip 232.1MB 815.9MB 68,100 none295
p3700000-none295 .zip 215.2MB 754.4MB 65,731 none295
p3800000-none295 .zip 131.4MB 460.5MB 39,838 none295
p3900000-none295 .zip 132.3MB 463.4MB 40,277 none295
p4000000-none295 .zip 141.2MB 494.3MB 42,852 none295
p4100000-none295 .zip 163.5MB 571.2MB 50,526 none295
p4200000-none295 .zip 103.5MB 362.3MB 31,307 none295
p4300000-none295 .zip 34.3MB 119.9MB 10,714 none295
p4400000-none295 .zip 25.7MB 89.6MB 8,128 none295
p4500000-none295 .zip 16.1MB 55.9MB 5,540 none295
p4600000-none295 .zip 14MB 48.6MB 5,107 none295
p4700000-none295 .zip 10.9MB 37.7MB 4,160 none295
p4800000-none295 .zip 21.4MB 74.4MB 7,492 none295
p4900000-none295 .zip 56.7MB 196.3MB 21,574 none295
p5000000-none295 .zip 80.9MB 281.1MB 31,756 none295
p5100000-none295 .zip 68.3MB 241.9MB 23,931 none295
p5200000-none295 .zip 83.9MB 295.6MB 30,284 none295
p5300000-none295 .zip 73.5MB 258.2MB 25,335 none295
p5400000-none295 .zip 120.9MB 258.2MB 25,335 none295
p5500000-none295 .zip 141.8MB 499.3MB 49,410 none295
p5600000-none295 .zip 122.4MB 423.7MB 54,307 none295
p5700000-none295 .zip 129.4MB 448.3MB 56,841 none295
p5800000-none295 .zip 53.8MB 187.1MB 23,039 none295
p5900000-none295 .zip 77.6MB 269.3MB 33,928 none295
p6000000-none295 .zip 129.5MB 448.2MB 53,977 none295
p6100000-none295 .zip 135.0MB 468.4MB 55,134 none295
p6200000-none295 .zip 142MB 492.1MB 47,456 none295
p6300000-none295 .zip 43.4MB 148.4MB 13,441 none295
p6400000-none295 .zip 111.3MB 384.6MB 37,003 none295
p6500000-none295 .zip 174.3MB 606.2MB 56,402 none295
p6600000-none295 .zip 123.3MB 430.4MB 38,716 none295
p6700000-none295 .zip 89.2MB 306.3MB 27,578 none295
p6800000-none295 .zip 90.9MB 316.8MB 27,995 none295
p6900000-none295 .zip 91.2MB 317.3MB 28,353 none295
p7000000-none295 .zip 101.3MB 352.5MB 30,991 none295
p7100000-none295 .zip 124.4MB 432.8MB 38,040 none295
p7200000-none295 .zip 164.7MB 572.0MB 50,670 none295
p7300000-none295 .zip 170.2MB 588.1MB 54,685 none295
p7400000-none295 .zip 132.3MB 455.1MB 45,307 none295
p7500000-none295 .zip 134.5MB 464.0MB 48,839 none295
p7600000-none295 .zip 128.4MB 445.0MB 44,416 none295
p7700000-none295 .zip 134.3MB 465.6MB 44,844 none295
p7800000-none295 .zip 101.4MB 351.0MB 34,331 none295
p7900000-none295 .zip 146.2MB 506.3MB 48,213 none295
p8000000-none295 .zip 120.6MB 415.6MB 42,424 none295
p8100000-none295 .zip 208.9MB 717.6MB 77,140 none295
p8200000-none295 .zip 237.0MB 808.4MB 84,891 none295
p8300000-none295 .zip 210.7MB 719.7MB 71,554 none295
p8400000-none295 .zip 238.1MB 814.5MB 78,360 none295
p8500000-none295 .zip 156.3MB 531.8MB 51,561 none295
p8600000-none295 .zip 82.5MB 274.2MB 28,625 none295
p8700000-none295 .zip 88.8MB 298.9MB 30,700 none295
p8800000-none295 .zip 178.3MB 591.3MB 65,427 none295
p8900000-none295 .zip 277.2MB 912.5MB 100,000 none295
p9000000-none295 .zip 284.1MB 940.9MB 100,000 none295
p9100000-none295 .zip 289.7MB 960.1MB 100,000 none295
p9200000-none295 .zip 307.1MB 1.02GB 100,000 none295
p9300000-none295 .zip 304.5MB 1.01GB 100,000 none295
p9400000-none295 .zip 244.8MB 841.7MB 86,791 none295
p9500000-none295 .zip 112.8MB 382.7MB 36,101 none295
p9600000-none295 .zip 118.3MB 398.1MB 39,796 none295
p9700000-none295 .zip 113.2MB 381.6MB 37,372 none295
pRESWEEP-none295 .zip 96.4MB 29.0MB 412,461 none295