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Status Offline April 30th, 2012
Archiving status Saved! (Partial) user lookup
Archiving type Unknown
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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #fortuneshitty (on EFnet))
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Shutdown notice

How to help

To run one or more FortuneCity downloaders, you'll need to be on Linux or a Linux-like OS.

Setting up:

git clone git://
cd fortunecity

Check the output: does it say wget is successfully compiled? Great!

Now you can run a download client. Choose a nickname and run:


The script should start downloading and uploading. If it works, feel free to run a few more!

Please do not run more than 10 downloaders. It won't work. We need many individuals making small contributions.

If you want to stop, you can just kill the scripts. To stop gracefully,

touch STOP

and the script will stop after the current user.

There is no need to run will automatically upload your finished users to us.

Common Problems

configure: error: --with-ssl was given, but GNUTLS is not available.

You don't have the proper headers available to be able to compile wget-warc. It should be fairly easy to fix though. If you're using a Debian or Ubuntu-based Linux distribution:

   apt-get install libgnutls-dev

If you're using a Fedora distribution:

   yum install gnutls-devel

If you're using FreeBSD :

   cd /usr/ports/security/gnutls/
   make all install clean

If you're using something else you'll just have to poke around in the documentation and figure it out :)


Archiving is well under way. Check the tracker for an up to date status report.

Site structure

FortuneCities operated in multiple tlds: com es it se

(Once operated but died: de fr nl

Main website:

  • http://www.fortunecity.${tld}/

Username-based sites:

  • http://members.fortunecity.${tld}/
  • http://${username}.fortunecity.${tld}/${username}/

Area/street-based sites:

  • http://www.fortunecity.${tld}/${area}/${street}/${number}/
  • on .com also: http://${area}${street}/${number}/

Range of numbers: unsure. At least includes 0 up to 2600. Note: the street names are case-sensitive.

Categories, areas, streets

Before 2001, FortuneCity used a category-area-street-based system.

The categories were the same for all tlds:


(This data is on

The areas for each category can be found via Wayback (1999 or 2000): http://www.fortunecity.${tld}/explore/category/${category}.html

The streets for each area, too. For com in 1999: http://${area} For others in 2000: http://www.fortunecity.${tld}/explore/area/${area}.html

The streets for the following .com areas couldn't be found via Wayback:

challenge cratervalley lavender littleitaly marina olympia skyscraper tatooine victorian