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Website host of game content, 1999-2012
Website host of game content, 1999-2012
Status Special case (no longer being updated)
Archiving status Saved!
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #fireplanet (on EFnet))
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In 2012 FilePlanet announced it was no longer hosting new content, and "is in the process of being archived [by IGN]."

FilePlanet hosted tens of thousands of game-related files (demos, patches, mods, promo stuff, etc.). These tend to be larger files, ranging from 10MB patches to 3GB clients.

The archival

After first downloading files by iterating IDs on the public website and upload those in chunks to as well as scouting the web for other public URLs, we got FTP access to the storage servers by the staff. Thanks! is the collection.

Unpacked and sorted it amounts to about ~120k files at ~10TB. The "ftp2" files (another ~300k files at a total of ~1.2TB) cannot be shared publically since there are private files mixed in, we saved them to IA anyways so maybe in the future we can sort them out. If you are looking for files from Fileplanet that are not included in the public archives, contact User:Schbirid with archived URLs that prove their previous availability to the public, e.g. via archived pages.

There is a half-assed search interface available at and a directory browser at

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