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"Right to Access" for users outside USA/Canada

According to European data protection law every individual has the right to get a copy of all personal data a company holds about him (right to access). This law is in theory also applicable to Facebook: Every user with a residence outside of the US and Canada has a contract with “Facebook Ireland Limited”, based in Dublin, Ireland and has therefore a right to access. In practice, after Facebook was flooded with requests for data, it has created a limited "Download Tool". For more information, see http://www.europe-v-facebook.org/EN/Get_your_Data_/get_your_data_.html

Known Products / Projects of a Similar Nature

Here are projects or efforts that are currently known:



  • SocialSafe - "LOOK AFTER ALL YOUR YESTERDAYS: Create your very own, totally private, digital journal simply by backing up your social networks."
  • SOS Online Backup appears to back up your account, but doesn't seem to allow downloading of said data, just restoring it back to facebook.

Relevant News