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Dota 2 Lounge
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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

Dota 2 Lounge is a site which numerous Dota 2 players list items they want to trade for something else, similar to the likes of Craigslist. It also provides item betting on select pro matches, the latter of which presumably makes up a significant part of its traffic.

Vital signs

Not terribly likely to go away due to it being a household name in the Dota 2 community, unless Valve were to cave to calls from some to crack down on the item betting part of the site (or its CS:GO counterpart). UPDATE: THEY DID:

As a result of Valve's crackdown, both Lounge sites' betting areas have since shifted to being a general pro match tracker, but without the betting.

URL Structure

Profiles: 64-bit Steam ID used, such as "profile?id=76561198040048374".

Trades: increments by 1 for each new trade made, such as "trade?t=90024860".

Match pages: increments by 1 for each new match posted, such as "match?m=5962".

A theoretical pain point in archiving would be handling comments on the match pages, which are handled through [Disqus]. Otherwise, ArchiveBot should be able to easily chew down on it.

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