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Currently there's few good solutions for backing up deviantarts, as the rest fail to build or fail to interact with the site, or just fail. Currently the best is “deviantart-gallery-downloader” by xofred.

This script will get full-sized images, whereas right-clicking hasn't in the past. It will also check to see if things have already been ripped, and rip any new changes to reduce traffic.

Things needed

  • git
  • gem (ruby-dev)
  • mechanize
  • A disposable dA account with adult images turned on (to make sure all images are gotten)

Getting the software and dependencies

sudo apt-get install git ruby-dev
sudo gem update
sudo gem install mechanize 
git clone
cd deviantart-gallery-downloader


To rip an an entire main gallery with no organization of the images on a album basis, run:

ruby with_login.rb LOGIN-EMAIL PASSWORD

or for an album

ruby with_login.rb LOGIN-EMAIL PASSWORD

Copying the URL to rip will work.


No SSL auth, this could be done with a slight re-jiggering of code and a dependency on some ruby-SSL dep to offload that work.

User creds are in the process name being run. Use with caution on a multi-user system. A simple ps -A will reveal your creds.

  • Use a burner account until this script is made a bit more secure*