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Delicious is a social bookmarks site where you can post and tag sites using Yahoo's servers.

Backup Tools

  • General Overview of backing up Delicious using the XML API. Up to date as of Sept 2008.
  • When logged in: Settings -> Export - "creates a list of all your bookmarks in a format understandable by most browsers".
  • XML Dump (requires username and password). Delicious doesn't like it if you try to call this more than once an hour or so. API details.

Vital Signs

Stable? User:Ross

Most of the engineers are gone from delicious; one ex-engineer describes that it's on "life support". And it's run by Yahoo, which is pruning unprofitable services aggressively. User:Edward Vielmetti

There are a bunch of engineers on the team; I'm a current (non-engineer) member and I wouldn't call it on "life support". Brittag 17:25, 23 April 2009 (UTC)